Quote1.png You know why no one missed the gods?! Because of me! I'm the last daughter of Utopia. Who did what no god or goddess ever could. I actually earned the right to be worshiped. So on your knees, asgardian. And pray to your princess! Quote2.png
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Power Princess' history came from Utopia Isle where a race of woman warriors called the Utopians. She fought and killed opponents since she was a young girl. She eventually left Utopia Isle for the outside world to satisfy her love for war.[1] However, when she returned to her home, she unintentionally brought with her pathogens that wiped out her fellow Utopians,[2] leaving her as the last Utopian. During World War II, she was once a member of the Invaders, a special team that helped the Allies fight in World War II. She once fought Nazis alongside Namor and even became lovers. She helped end the war in Europe by killing Adolf Hitler, leading to the surrender of Germany.[3][1]

She once witnessed the Asgardians nearly wiped themselves out during the Ragnarok Wars and eventually finished off by Mangog.[1] In the modern era, she was a member of the Squadron Supreme of America, which were the world's premiere superhero team. When Mangog, now going by All-Gog, attacked the Lincoln Memorial as a part of a coordinated attack by the Masters of Doom, Power Princess fought him.[4]

After All-Gog tasted her, Zarda used her special gauntlets to rip through All-Gog's abdomen. She eventually defeated him, turned him to stone, and placed him among her collection of petrified opponents she kept around her home, the Statue of Liberty. After hearing thunder powerful enough to shake the Eastern Seaboard, she interrogated one of her enemies, Hercules, about the source of the thunder, but all he did was laugh. So, Zarda traveled to the ruins of Asgard using an ax with a shard of the Bifrost for a head. She discovered that the thunder was coming from an unknown Asgardian. Zarda and him get to a brief battle until the Asgardian grabbed his magic hammer Mjolnir and became Thor. He then teleported away. Zarda later met with the Squadron Supreme and explained her encounter with Thor. She also asked the Squadron if they met the Avengers, a name Thor uttered before vanishing.[1]

Zarda and the Squadron Supreme investigated the Avengers who were planning to restore reality back to its proper place and tracked them to Africa where they discovered that the mythical country of Wakanda actually existed, which the Avengers were hiding at. When Wakanda's cloaking field was disabled, the Avengers confronted the Squadron Supreme.[5]

Zarda fought the host of the Earth-616 Phoenix, Echo. Zarda was able to flight Echo evenly until Echo's ally Starbrand came to help her. Echo and Starbrand combined their power and knocked Zarda out for the rest of the fight. Reality was returned to normal when the source of the reality warp was destroyed, President Coulson's Pandemonium Cube, and Zarda's memories were transferred to her Earth-616 counterpart.[6] What became of her afterward is unrevealed.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Zarda Shelton of Earth-712.


Seemingly those of the Zarda Shelton of Earth-712.



Shield; gauntlets made of Utopian uru that are bound to her soul with unbreakable astral chains, allowing to recall them to her; the Chain of Veracity, allowing her to force people to her tell her the truth


Sword; No-Blade, an invisible sword; the Invisible Barbed Wire of Ares; formerly All-Black the Necrosword


Rainbow Ax whose head is a shard of the Bifrost

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