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Zarina grew up in London loving to play video-games. After getting powers, she became Spider-UK and joined W.H.O. (the Weird Happenings Organization) to help them fight superhuman threats.[3]

For the duration of Ramadan, Zarina would usually be dismissed from duty so she could use all her energy for school and not have her life put in jeopardy. One year, however, a Wyvern attacked London during this month and she jumped into action against the advice of her boss, Brigadier Alysande Stuart. She managed to neutralize the threat just in time to stop fasting, but as she prepared to eat, she was interrupted by the arrival of Madame Web, who had come to enlist her in fighting a multiversal threat coming for the spiders.[3]



Spider Physiology[3]

  • Superhuman Strength: Zarina was capable of momentarily holding a giant Wyvern attempting to lift off.[3]
  • Superhuman Agility[3]
  • Superhuman Reflexes[3]
  • Wall-Crawling: Zarina can cling to any surface using just her fingertips and feet.[3]
  • Organic Webbing Generation She has the ability to organically produce her own silk webbing.[3]
  • Electrostatic Energy Generation: Zarina is able to generate a form of bio-electricity. Although she has little control over it, requiring the use of special earring to keep that ability in check.[3]
    • Ballooning: By removing her earrings, she's capable of generating enough electricity to "surf" on Earth's electricity, thus controlling her falls.[3]



Zarina is equipped with several useful gadgets courtesy of W.H.O.:

  • Surge-Protector Earrings: Zarina's special earrings were designed to keep the bio-electricity generated by her body contained.[3]
  • Vintage Leather Jacket: Her leather jacket contains extradimensional pockets that allow her to carry everything she needs without having to worry about the accumulated weight.[3]

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