Quote1 Air-breathers foolishly believe all Atlanteans are alike. Quote2
-- Zartra src

Lady Zartra was once the most trusted advisor to the Atlantean warlord Attuma. After the break-up of the Cabal, Zartra switched sides and joined the resistance movement against Attuma. She sent one of her soldiers to the surface world to buy the Serpent Crown from Hydra so she could take control of Giganto and overthrow Attuma.

The Avengers initially opposed her, but after discovering her intentions, helped her into defeating Attuma. In the end, Zartra decided the Serpent Crown was too powerful for anyone, and threw it to the depths of the ocean, even though it was later secretly recovered by Hawkeye.[1]


Seemingly those of the Zartra of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Zartra of Earth-616.

  • This version of Zartra seems to have traits of both main continuity characters sharing her name. Having the appearance of the Lemurian Zartra, whilst being an actual Atlantean like the later incarnation.

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