Le Barbe is a ruthless killer that has been demanding gold miners in Alaska to sell up their lands to him. Those who refused are murdered in cold blood and Le Barbe and his men take over the mines. This series of murders are heard deep below by Rockman through his Vibragrath, and the hero decides to go to the surface and put an end to La Barbe's killings.

Rockman arrives that the surface just as La Barbe and his men are threatening Zeb Sanders and his grandson Billy. The hero gives La Barbe's minions a decent struggle until the killer douses him with a gas bomb that knocks the hero out. He is tied up and placed in a cabin with the Sanders'. The house is set ablaze and they are left to burn to death. The sleep gas wearing off, Rockman frees himself and the Sanders' from the blaze.

Following La Barbe and his men to the Sanders mine, he battles them there. With the odds in La Barbe's favor, Rockman calls to his fellow Abysmians to cause an earthquake to help win the battle. The quake causes the ground to split open sending La Barbe and his men falling to their deaths below the Earths surface. Returning to the surface, Rockman and Zeb Sanders notice that the earthquake also reveals an undiscovered vein of gold, making Zeb and his son rich. Happy to have helped out, Rockman bids the Sanders farewell and returns to his kingdom.[1]

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