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The Zebra People were a human[citation needed] tribe of swamp dwellers, also known as the Swamp Tribe, they are hunter-gatherer society based in the Savage Land. The tribe was a racially integrated group both of black and white people. Perhaps in part to de-emphasize racial differences, members of the Zebra People wore makeup over their body in the form of stripes. They domesticated dinosaurs and used them as mounts.[1]

Ancient History

The Zebra People are the descendants of the humans of the empire of Atlantis. When the empire fell the people were scattered throughout the land forming their own tribes.[1]

Seven hundred years ago the Zebra People sent a petition out to the four corners of Pangea calling for a council of tribes that would unite them as one race. For Seven hundred years the was ignored.[2]

Modern Era

Zaurai and Sheeas the witch, took over leadership of parts of them and formed them into the Lizard People. The tribe broke free of Zaurai and Sheeas with the help of Ka-Zar and Tongah.[3]

They were targeted for extinction by the Sheenarians who had invaded the Savage Land from another dimension. Sharka managed to warn his people from the impending doom.[4]

Years later, the Black Panther consulted the chief of the tribe during an investigation into the Vibranium.[citation needed]

During the Secret Invasion, some of them joined Ka-Zar to fight the Skrulls.[5]

They were invited to join the United Council of Tribes. It was created by the Zebra People to bring peace to Pangea. A member of the tribe was present when Torran of the Ethereals crashed the meeting.[6]

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