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General Zedrao appeared at the deathbed of Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree. On behalf of the Skrull Empire, he saluted Mar-Vell as a worthy foe and presented to him one of the empire's greatest honors, the Skrull Royal Medal of Valor.[1]

When the Skrull Empire collapsed into civil war after the destruction of Throneworld by Galactus, Zedrao commanded one of the larger remaining Skrull fleets and was staying out of the dispute between warlords. The space pirate Nebula invaded the empire with an army of mercenaries, allied to one of the warlords. Victorious in every battle until she met Zedrao who defeated her army and forced her to retreat. When she found Thanos former ship (Sanctuary II), Zedrao had his fleet evacuate the fortified planetoid base under cover of the attack by Sanctuary II.[2]

He then made an alliance with the Avengers to oppose Nebula. Together they attacked Sanctuary II, defeated her mercenary fleet, boarding the ship, and capturing Sanctuary II (though Nebula escaped capture because of the Beyonder).[3] Afterwards to the dismay of the Skrulls, the ship was destroyed by Starfox who deemed the ship to be too dangerous to be in anyone's hands. When the Avengers left, he proclaimed that he was honored by their actions and saluted their courage.[4]



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