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The Zefiro are a band of Romani native to the nation of Latveria. For years they were persecuted and marginalized by Latverian ruler King Vladimir Fortunov.[1] Notable Zefiro during this period were healer Werner von Doom and his wife Cynthia a practitioner of magic. Cynthia gave birth to their son Victor von Doom shortly before her death.[1] Other prominent members of the Zefiro clan were Werner's best friend Boris[1] and Boris's granddaughter Valeria,[2] a friend and later a lover of Victor.

The constant persecution of her people led Cynthia to make a pact with the demon Mephisto for greater power in exchange for her soul. She used this power to wipe out an entire town, including its women and children, an act that horrified her. She was later killed by one of the King's soldiers.[3] Years later, Werner was asked by the King to try and cure his wife of cancer. When he failed he took himself and Victor into the Latverian Alps to flee retribution. While they escaped imprisonment, Werner had suffered severe frostbite by the time Boris and the others found them. He later died of exposure. Before his death, Werner had Boris promise to look after Victor. Furious over the death of his parents, Victor found his mothers trunk of arcane objects and began studying both magic and science. He became a thorn in the king's side for years until he was asked to study at State University in America.

There Victor became obsessed with contacting the afterlife resulting in an accident that scarred his face. Years later, he returned to Latveria in an iron suit and calling himself Doctor Doom.[1] With his advanced skills in science and sorcery, he gathered his people together and overthrew the King, slaying him and taking over Latveria for his own.[4] During Doom's long rule of the country, the Zefiro were no longer persecuted and likely disbursed among the general population. Since then, Boris remained a faithful servant and companion to Doom. Valeria grew disillusioned with Doom and immigrated to the United States. Doom killed her years later and fashioned her skin into a suit of enchanted armor as part of a demonic pact.[5]



Prior to Doom taking over Latveria, the Zefiro were armed with knives, pitchforks, small fire arms and hunting rifles.


Prior to Doom taking over Latveria, the Zefiro traveled by horse drawn wagons.

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