Zemba was a golden fanged ape, a carnivorous monster and a god to whom the Witch-Dancers of Zembabwei dedicated human sacrifices. His servant was Dalboor.

After Stygian-originated Thutmekri and his Kushite henchmen (including M'Gorah) stole a statue of their Gorilla God, Dalboor had the Witch-Dancers of Zembabwei to pursue them into Turan and stole their slave Hilge to sacrifice to Zemba on the full moon (or "Moon of Zembabwei").

He attacked Conan with its razor-sharp claws upon Dalboor's command. The Cimmerian eventually managed to kill the mammoth creature with a poisoned dagger, but not before, it its rage, the creature killed M'Gorah.[1]

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