There are currently approximately 3 billion living Zen-Whoberians.

However, Thanos once traveled 20 years into the future (Earth-7528) and found the peaceful Zen-Whoberians had been exterminated by the Universal Church of Truth for refusing to convert to their religion. Thanos rescued an infant Gamora, the last living Zen-Whoberi and brought her back to the present (Earth-616), prior to the Zen-Whoberi massacre.[4]


Population: 3 billion


Type of Government: Democracy
Level of Technology: Moderately Advanced
Representatives: Gamora


  • The slaughter of the Zen-Whoberis has been a subject of retcons and contradictions. Originally these aliens were killed by the Universal Church of Truth,[4] but was later changed that the Badoon were instead responsible for the genocide of the Zen-Whoberis.[5] It was later changed again, this time with Thanos and his Butcher Squad being responsible for the slaughter of the Zen-Whoberis.[6]

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