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Zenith was the brother of Starjammer Raza. The two had some type of falling out, resulting in Raza holding a long-standing grudge and vowing to kill his brother. At some point, Zenith joined the Imperial Guard and served with them for an unknown period of time.[citation needed]

While on the Phalkon Quest, a hunt for the Phoenix Force, the Imperial Guard came into conflict with the Starjammers, resulting in a battle. After a brief scuffle with the Starjammers, the Guard transported themselves to, and stole, the Starjammer, with Zenith briefly acting as a power source. When the Starjammers caught up to their stolen ship, a battle ensued with Zenith finding himself pitted against Binary. Enraged over being forced to hold back earlier, Binary happily cut loose, slaying Zenith.[citation needed]



Capable of accessing and utilizing the maximum potential of an energy-wielder's power.


If a foe has no maximum potential, it prevents his powers from working correctly.

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