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Princess Zenzi is the daughter of Emperor N'Jadaka and his wife Nareema. When Zenzi was young, she accompanied her father during his tyrannical reign.[1] At one point in her life, her father sent her away from the heart of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda to ensure her safety, but after her father, N'Jadaka, dueled the avatar of the goddess Bast and drained her divine powers into himself, Bast possessed Zenzi and defected to the Maroons as part of a plan to stop the Emperor.[2] When N'Jadaka and his armies went after the rebels in order to retrieve his daughter, Bast used Zenzi to take control of N'Jadaka's Askari, making them crash their Masai Fighters into the Emperor's Imperial flagship, while the Teku-Maza's rebel commander rigged the planet's core to explode, killing N'Jadaka in the process.[3]


  • She was named after Zenzi.

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