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The Zephyr One is a mobile command station used by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. It was designed by Leopold Fitz as a replacement for the Bus shortly after the Bus was destroyed to allow Phil Coulson and his team to infiltrate an arctic base.[1]


  • The aircraft is much larger than its predecessor and can stay in the air much longer.[1]
  • The Zephyr One has a landing bay for Quinjets and has been shown to be able to hold at least two at any given time [2][3]
  • The Zephyr One has a specially designed containment module for the acclimation and observation of newly discovered and possibly dangerous Inhumans. The containment module can be sent to the ground below the still-airborne plane to allow for the easy containment of confused and likely hostile Inhumans. It is made of "polytechnic adaptive materials" which counteract any of the newfound powers exhibited by the Inhumans it contains.[2]
  • In one possible future, the Zephyr One is upgraded with engines capable of propelling the craft through the vacuum of space; artificial gravity is generated by Gravitonium.[4]


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