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The Zephyreans are an interdimensional race of aquatic humanoids that hail from a Pocket Dimension known as Zephyrland.


A delegation from Zephyrland traveled to Atlantis. They met with Namor and implore his help as their world has fallen under the tyranny of the warrior queen, Virago. Namor accompanied them home and fights alongside them. Unfortunately, they are defeated and Namor learned that he is to battle Virago in a trial by combat.[1]

Namor was led into the arena where he confronts his opponent, Virago the warrior queen. She calls upon some mystical force and is transformed into a raging She-Beast. She attacked Namor and he does his best against her, but Virago proved to be too much for him. She then decided to lead a scout ship across the dimensions and attack Atlantis. Fortunately, Namor has recovered enough to follow her back.[1]

Namor follows Virago the She-Beast back to this dimension to continue their battle. Namor and his Atlantean guard were able to drive her off. However, Virago inadvertently freed Orka and together they decide to mount a combined attack against Atlantis. Namor and Tamara found themselves overwhelmed and Orka's killer whales cause a lot of devastation in Atlantis.[2]

Namor was forced to flee Atlantis, while, Orca and Virago claim the throne, but it is short lived as nerve gas sweeps through Atlantis.


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