Zephyr Jones wanted to honor his father Dr. Morrison Jones's hopes of reaching the planet Mars by completing his fathers rocket project after his death. Accompanied by his friend Corky Grogan, he would launch his rocket into space. Along the way however, their instruments would malfunction and instead they would be forced to land on the previous unknown planet of Sunev. They would be welcomed by the ruling Birdmen learning that the planet used to be part of Earth. After meeting with King Bolo, Zephyr and Corky would exchange knowledge and Zephyr would fall in love with Princess Tonka. The jealous General Roudo, seeking to turn over the Birdmen's longevity elixer to the evil Parrot-Men would frame Zephyr and Corky as spies and the two would be locked up to await execution. When the Parrot-Men would attack the Bird-People, Princess Tonka would bring Zephyr and Corky their guns and help free them. The duo would then fight off the Parrot-Men and capture Roudo, exposing him as the true spy. After Roudo was executed, Zephyr would teach the Birdmen how to make guns and return home to Earth with Corky, to plan a second mission to Mars[1].

Zephyr's second attempt to fly to Mars would also get sidetracked when Regean Lexico and his daughter Tesi would stow away on his ship and force them to redirect their rocket to the star known as Cygni. Learning that Lexico sought "Star Dust" a replacement for Radium as a fuel source, Zephyr would agree to go. Upon their arrival they would be attacked by the dwarfish Cygnians and the Lexico's would be captured. Zephyr and Corky would come to their rescue, freeing them and burying their Cygnian attackers under tons of rock. Collecting 50 pounds of "Star Dust" to return to Earth, they would head for home[2].

Zephyr Jones has not been seen or heard from since, his fate remains unrevealed.

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[3]
Energy Projection1
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Zephyr is a capable inventor and rocket pilot



Zephyr sometimes arms himself with twin pistols.


The rocket developed by Zephyr Jones

Zephyr has invented his own rocket ship which can carry at last two passengers into space. It creates it's own artificial gravity and can travel at a rate of 5000 miles per minute.

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