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Zero was an unnamed former assistant of Dr. Kurarkill. When Kurakill began experimenting on human and apes to create super intelligent apes at the cost of turning the humans into animals, Zero strongly disagreed with what Kurakill was doing. In response, Kurakill turned her into a cat and she somehow escaped and was adopted by Keith and Carrie who gave her the name Zero. When Keith, Carrie, and Iron Man became captives of Dr. Kurarkill and inprisoned in an electrical field, Zero generated sufficient static to disrupt the field, freeing the prisoners. Later, Zero chewed through some of the wires to the gate to Neo-Apes, causing a short that opened the wrong door and the apes seemingly killed the doctor.[1]

Zero's fate after this is currently unknown and is presumably still a cat since no one else knew of her transformation.

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