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Zeus is the Olympian God of Lightning and the leader of the Council of Godheads from his residence in Omnipotence City. Over the years, he had at least three sons: Hercules, Dionysus, and Ares. Using his powerful Thunderbolt through which to channel his lightning powers, he ruled over the gods in Omnipotence City for many years, becoming good friends with many gods, including Odin Borson, ruler of the Asgardians.

Years after coming to power, Zeus learned that the gods of the universe were being slaughtered by the powerful Gorr, using the power of the Necrosword. However, Zeus believed the gods were safe in Omnipotence City, and so decided to do nothing. Eventually, he was approached by the child of Odin, Thor Odinson, who asked him for his help in fighting Gorr and saving the gods. When Zeus refused, Thor and his allies battled him, ending in Thor impaling him through the chest with his own Thunderbolt, and then stealing the weapon, leaving Zeus for dead.

While the Thunderbolt allowed Thor and his allies to defeat Gorr and save the gods of the universe, Zeus was still furious that he had been made a mockery out of in front of his council. As such, he called on Hercules to take his vengeance for him, ordering him to kill Thor as he was nursed back to health.[1]



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