The past history of Zeus of Earth-9997 vastly differs from his Earth-616 counterpart in many significant ways. It was revealed that at least on Earth-9997 the Asgardian gods were aliens from an unidentified planet that was manipulated by the Celestials centuries ago. Like every race manipulated by the Celestials, their home world was turned into an "egg" to hatch a Celestial embryo implanted in their world. The dominant life form would then be altered so that their natural evolution would put them through three tiers of mutation. The first, would give each individual a unique power of their own design (usually due to a outside catalyst, like radiation granting the powers. The powers of the subject would be dependent on a subconscious trigger). The second tier would endow every member of the race one specific power. The third and final tier would lead the creatures to lose all definition and their appearance, abilities, and identity would be defined by the common belief of other creatures around them. This alien race would leave their world for unexplained circumstances and travel the universe. They would eventually end up on the planet Earth centuries ago. They were witnessed by the early Norsemen. One of these Norsemen was a man named Donnerson, a local storyteller who due to his bad eye and leg, often fantasized about the myths of Asgard. Mephisto would manipulate Donnerson into willing these aliens into becoming the myths that he so coveted and install himself as Odin. This was all part of Mephisto's machinations that would not come to fruition later.[citation needed]

Zeus and the other Olympian gods were presumably also those aliens, even though it is unknown if they were manipulated in the same manner and that their Zeus was similar to Donnerson in origin. [citation needed]


Seemingly those of Zeus Panhellenios of Earth-616.

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