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Zhao Yen was born a frail sickly child in the 4th century BC in the State of Wei (near modern-day Kaifeng, China), and was destined to die before his twenties. However, a fortune teller told him to travel to a nearby field with food and rice wine. There, he encountered two elderly men playing a game of strategy. Thankful for his hospitality, they revealed themselves as the gods in Yu Huang's service who were responsible for fixing the birth and death dates of mortals, and granted him immortality and godhood upon eating P'an-t'ao, the Peaches of Immortality.[1]

God of health and longevity

Early years

Becoming Shou-Hsing (壽星), the Taoist God (or Xian) of health and longevity, he inherited the responsibility of assigning the life span of mortals. He became also affiliated with Fu-Hsing, god of good fortune and Lu-Hsing, god of prosperity, and was later promoted as the official vizier to Yu Huang within the Jade Court at Yujing Shan.[1]

Modern days



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Born a mortal, Zhao Yen was granted immortality and godhood upon eating P'an-t'ao, the Peaches of Immortality.[1]

As such, he possesses the conventional superhuman physical attributes of the Taiost gods, including superhuman strength.[1]


Shou-Hsing is not a skilled combatant.[1]


Formerly, he was frail and sickly, and was destined to die before age twenty.[1]



Due to his attribution of god of longevity, he always carry the Peaches of Immortality.[1]


He also wield a staff of knotted peach wood with a dragon head carved at the top, which can be used as an offensive weapon.[1]

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