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Born the daughter of criminal mastermind, Zheng Zu, Zheng Bao Yu,[1] then known as Fah Lo Suee, daughter of "Fu Manchu".[5]


She originally followed in her father's footsteps. Initially, she sought to subvert Fu Manchu's control of the dreaded Si-Fan assassins, but eventually, she led her own criminal organization, the Oriental Expeditors, who were a front for the Golden Daggers sect.[5]

MI-6 agent[]

After collaborating with British Intelligence, Fah Lo Suee was eventually placed as a director of MI-6.[6] Her endeavors perpetually placed her at odds with her estranged younger half brother, Shang-Chi, and his fellow MI-6 agents.[citation needed]

Back to crime[]

Over a decade later, she was once again involved in the criminal underworld, during the period, she used the name Curse Lotus.[7] Lotus headed a narcotics empire supplying the highly addictive drug, Wild Tiger. Representing her in Hong Kong was the Wild Tiger Mob, one of the factions of his father's criminal empire led by Deng Ling-Xiao.[8] It was brought down by Shang-Chi whom never learned that she was behind it all.[9]

Later, she joined Caroline LeFay's Doom Maidens, being promised protection and allies in her activities. Now going by Zheng Bao Yu, she led the Celestial Order of the Hai Dai to set up a lab under Chinatown, in New York City, where they continued a long-forgotten experiment of Zheng Zu by bio-engineering Brood (or rather "genetic mutations spawned from tainted Brood DNA"), which they used for assassinations, until the Defenders Valkyrie and Misty Knight recruited Elsa Bloodstone in their inquiry about monsters in Chinatown, and tracked down the lab. During the fight against the Brood, Hai Dai, and Zheng Bao Yu, the Defenders were joined by No-Name of Brood.[1]



Like many associated with Fu Manchu, the Cursed Lotus is a beneficiary of the Elixir of Life, and as such, possesses the youth and vitality of a woman half her age.


The Cursed Lotus is every bit as devious and cunning as her father. Driven by high ambition, Fah Lo Suee is never reluctant to shift alliances so long as it aids in achieving her goals. She is also a fair hand-to-hand combatant.

Fah Lo Suee is hypnotically seductive. Her voice and movements command attention, and her eyes can entrance a man in moments. She has easily manipulated a variety of men into falling in love with her, devoted to serving her wishes. She occasionally uses scented vapors or hypnotic rubies to further enhance her skills.


  • After her return to crime, Bao Yu never saw her brother Shang-Chi again, even when she took control of Hai-Dai after the Shadow Council failed to resurrect her father.[10]
  • Although the miniseries Shang-Chi, written by Gene Luen Yang, says that the Celestial Order of the Hai Dai was one of the names of the Five Weapon Society, Zheng Bao Yu is not mentioned. Zheng Shi-Hua seems to fill the space of Bao Yu, as she also takes over the Society after her father's death. It is possible that Yang wanted to remove more links with Sax Rohmer's novels, as Bao Yu was adapted from Fah Lo Sue.

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