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Quote1 But there is one thing everyone calls me. One thing about which all others are certain. They call me the Master of Kung Fu. Quote2


Early Life[]

Zheng Shang-Chi (Earth-616) from Special Marvel Edition Vol 1 16 001

Master of Kung Fu

Shang was raised to become a deadly assassin by his father, the immortal crime lord and sorcerer Fu Manchu. However, Shang-Chi became aware of his father's evil nature and defected after his first assignment.[10] He then began to attack various elements of his father's criminal empire and allied himself with his father's archenemy, Denis Nayland Smith, and MI-6.[11] In retaliation, Fu Manchu sent a number of assassins to kill him.

His travels led him to meet a number of other martial artists and super heroes around the world: he met his rival, Cat;[12] and teamed up with Iron Fist, Jack of Hearts, and White Tiger to take down the Corporation.[13]

After years of playing at "games of deceit and death", Shang-Chi retired from the espionage world. He resurfaced to assist his old friends from MI-6 against the Si-Fan ninjas.[14]

Over a decade later, his sister Fah Lo Suee, now called Cursed Lotus was once again involved in the criminal underworld. Fah Lo Suee headed a narcotics empire supplying the highly addictive drug, Wild Tiger. Representing her in Hong Kong was the Wild Tiger Mob led by Deng Ling-Xiao. It was brought down by Shang-Chi whom never learned that she was behind it all.[15]


Shang-Chi returns to face the Si-Fan, now under the command of Kingpin, with help from the X-Men against Cyber-Ninjas[16] and from Elektra against other ninjas.[17]

Marvel Knights[]

When Daredevil wanted a task force to help him finally capture the Punisher and make him face legal justice, Shang-Chi became a part of that group. The martial artist assisted Daredevil, Black Widow, and their allies against the Punisher and several other threats before the group went their separate ways.[18]

During this period, Shang-Chi and the Marvel Knights faced Zaran (Zhou Man She) and Dacoits in Fu Manchu's service.[19]

Hellfire Apocalypse[]

Fu Manchu later built the Hellfire Weapon which could destroy cities, before being foiled once again by Shang-Chi and MI6.[20] During this period, his father used the name Comte de Saint Germain.[21]

Black Panther[]

As the Black Panther was touring in the United States, looking for a wife, Fu Manchu had him followed by his ninjas to Luke Cage's flat.[22] The ninjas attacked the two heroes but were forced to retreat, allowing the pair to infiltrate their ship and then Zheng Zu's Mountain Base.[23]

Going now by the name of "Han", Fu Manchu offered his daughter Kwai Far to T'Challa, hoping to unite their kingdoms. But as the Panther refused the offer, feeling he was bound to someone else, Han got mad, rejecting his daughter and unleashing his ninjas over the two heroes, soon rejoined by his son Shang-Chi. Cage, T'Challa, and Shang-Shi managed to defeat the ninjas and dodge the Dragon, and all left the fortress along with Kwai Far.[23]

Heroes for Hire[]

When the Superhuman Registration Act was signed into law, Shang-Chi joined Misty Knight and Colleen Wing as part of their Heroes for Hire team of investigators and superhuman bail bondsmen.

During this time, he developed romantic feelings for his teammate Tarantula, but her overly violent nature shamed him, and he lost his center. During the Hulk's invasion of Manhattan, their teammate Humbug killed one of the insect-like hatchlings as they infiltrated the hive. Humbug was then seduced into an insect hive-mind with No-Name of the Brood.

When the hive tried to identify the hatchling's killer, Humbug gave the hive Tarantula's name instead. Shang-Chi infiltrated the hive with the intent to rescue Humbug and hopefully sever his link to the newborn hive. After hearing of Humbug's betrayal of Tarantula, however, Shang-Chi lost his temper and murdered Humbug. Grieving over how completely he had lost his way, Shang-Chi left the Heroes to meditate and renew his connection to his spirit.[24]

Secret Avengers[]

Shang-Chi's illustrious father returned to the world with the assistance of his Celestial Order of Hai-Dai and the Shadow Council. Shang teamed up with Steve Rogers and his Secret Avengers to oppose his father.[25] After that, he became an important ally for Rogers' unit, aiding the team whenever they needed.[26][27]

Fearless Defenders[]

After Zheng Zu's death, Zheng Bao Yu (his sister's real name, formerly known as Fah Lo Suee and Cursed Lotus) and Hai-Dai set up a lab under Chinatown, in New York City, where they continued a long-forgotten experiment of Zheng Zu by bio-engineering Brood (or rather "genetic mutations spawned from tainted Brood DNA"), which they used for assassinations, until the Defenders Valkyrie and Misty Knight recruited Elsa Bloodstone in their inquiry about monsters in Chinatown, and tracked down the lab. During the fight against the Brood, Hai-Dai, and Zheng Bao Yu, the Defenders were joined by No-Name of the Brood.[28]


Before the events of Spider-Island, the new Madame Web, Julia Carpenter, asked Shang-Chi to train Spider-Man in martial arts to compensate for the loss of his spider-sense. He donned special magnetic gloves and shoes during their sparring sessions to help Spider-Man develop a unique fighting style that complemented his spider powers.[29]

Shang-Chi trained Spider-Man at an abandoned Hai-Dai training facility in Croton-on-Hudson.[30]

When ordinary New Yorkers started developing spider powers, Spider-Man was forced to rely on Shang-Chi's training in several situations. When his spider-sense returned, it worked in harmony with the techniques Shang taught him, turning the tide in a decisive battle against Tarantula.[31]

Eventually, Shang-Chi became infected by the spider plague and developed the same set of powers as Spider-Man. Shang then fought alongside other heroes in defending New York against the threat of spider-powered criminals.

During this time, he had horrible nightmares that involved the Immortal Weapons and himself as a spider attacking innocent civilians. When he discussed with Madame Web about his nightmares, she left him only with a cryptic fortune. After joining Iron Fist in combat, the two discovered that they had been sharing the same nightmares. Their meeting was cut short when the Bride of Nine Spiders joined the fray and asked Danny to speak with her on a rooftop in private. Sensing something was wrong, Shang followed the two and witnessed the Bride attack and incapacitate Iron Fist. Jumping to his friend's defense, Shang utilized his newly acquired spider powers to easily pin down the Bride, but was caught off-guard and knocked out by his assailant's supernatural fighting technique.

Awakening later on at his apartment and aided by Silver Sable, Shang-Chi concluded that the Bride of Nine Spiders was the source of his nightmares. He identified a street sign in one of his dreams and tracked the Bride to an abandoned house in Hamilton Heights. The house had adverse effects on Shang's senses, weakening his reflexes despite his acquired spider powers. After overcoming several hallucinations and physical traps, he was able to find the Bride and the other Immortal Weapons whom she cocooned in webbing. While Shang was able to hold his own against the Bride despite his affliction, he took the opportunity to free Iron Fist and increase their odds.

Badly weakened due to being incapacitated, Danny was nevertheless able to muster enough chi energy to strike the Bride with his signature punch, setting her up to receive a vicious knockout kick from Shang. While Danny attempted to heal the Bride of Nine Spiders, Shang-Chi succumbed to the spider plague and passed out, becoming a spider in the process. Simultaneously, Ai Apaec descended from the ceiling and revealed himself as the true mastermind behind the kidnapping of the Immortal Weapons. The South American chimera god then explained that he had been working with the Queen, and the Bride was offered as payment for his services. After Iron Fist used his Chi force to cure Shang-Chi, leaving himself weakened, Iron Fist and the rest of the Immortal Weapons evacuated the building, prompting Shang-Chi to collapse it on top of Ai Apaec leaving him trapped for the Avengers to imprison him once more.[32]

Joining the Avengers[]

Avengers (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 1 002

Shang-Chi as an Avenger

After the events of The Phoenix Five, Captain America and Iron Man wanted to make a new, bigger, stronger Avengers team. Shang-Chi was among the first heroes to be chosen for this new initiative. He then accepted an offer from Captain America and saw it as an opportunity to challenge himself. Although Stark acknowledged Shang as an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant, he wanted to take advantage of Shang's mastery of traditional weaponry by providing him with personalized equipment.

During a mission on Mars, several core members of the Avengers were captured by The Garden, leaving Captain America to assemble the rest of the team to mount a counterattack. Shang was among the many heroes who join a second assault on Mars, as part of a rescue effort to retrieve their companions. During the battle, he faced off against the world-razing robot Aleph and critically damaged its left leg. Although the damage was eventually self-repaired, Aleph was shortly destroyed by Tamara Devoux, Captain Universe, when the robot refused to stand down. The Avengers eventually triumphed over The Garden, allowing them to continue their purpose on Mars, granted they leave Earth alone for good.[33]

A short while later, Shang was asked by Rogers and Stark to interview the new Captain Universe and find out what the purpose of her presence was. Shang felt it more appropriate to speak with the Uni-Power's host, Tamara Devoux, and 'lured' her out with pie. Using meditative techniques, he helped piece together Tamara's traumatizing past. It was revealed afterwards that the Uni-Power manifested at this time because of the Earth's pivotal role in events to come, and it chose Tamara as a host because she was dying, much like the universe itself.[34]

Later on, Shang and a team of Avengers went to a casino in Macau to investigate A.I.M. activities. While following his own leads, Shang was attacked by ninjas lead by a mysterious armored figure. After utilizing a pair of electrified nunchaku provided by Stark, Shang defeated their leader and took his helmet as a souvenir. He revealed to his teammates that A.I.M. was bidding to hire mercenaries, and that the insidious organization was preparing for a large scale conflict.[35]


Shang-Chi was with the Avengers when they joined the Galactic Council to fight against the Builders and their crusade against all life in the universe. When several allies were captured by the enemy, Shang formed a rescue team with Black Widow, Spider-Woman, and Manifold. Wielding a pair of energy projecting gauntlets, Shang's timely intervention prevented his friends from being vaporized by an Aleph.

After the Builders were defeated by the alliance forces, the Avengers returned to Earth with their new Galactic Council allies to face off against an even bigger threat back home - an untimely assault by Thanos. Shang was sent along with Black Widow and Manifold the infiltrate the Peak and shut down Thanos' first line of defense. However, the team was intercepted by the Black Dwarf and a complement of guards. As Manifold returned to grab reinforcements, Shang and Natasha managed to defeat the entire security force, save the general who proved to be too much for even the Master of Kung Fu. The combined might of Gladiator, Ronan, and other Council members eventually made short work of the Black Dwarf and allowed Shang and the infiltration team to complete their mission.[36]

Avengers World[]

Zheng Shang-Chi (Earth-616) and Pym Particles from Avengers World Vol 1 14 0001

Using Pym Particles

With the threat of both the Builders and Thanos thwarted, Shang-Chi was sent to Madripoor along with Wolverine.[37] The Gorgon and the Hand used a ritual to awaken a dormant dragon below the island. Shang-Chi tried to oppose him but failed.[38] The dragon then proceeded to fly to Hong Kong, where it encountered the resistance from the Ascendants.[39][40] Using Pym Particles, Shang Chi was turned into a giant, and defeated the dragon in combat, but before that he tore off Gorgon's headquarters from Madripoor and threw it several miles away.[41]

Time Runs Out[]

After one of Ex Nihilo's origin bombs hit the city of Kobe in Japan, Shang-Chi volunteered to explore the site along with Pod. Once they arrived there, they came across a malleable genesis matter that was both the bi-product and the collective remains of the people of Kobe. It was revealed by Sunspot that a Hand and two S.H.I.E.L.D. teams disappeared in the collective matter because they tried to resist it, but Shang-Chi submitted to it.[42] While in the matter, he experienced a vision of a dragon and an old man. The old man challenged him in a dojo to a test of worthiness of the power of the Kobe site, facing him against another Shang-Chi. Both Shang-Chis begin to fight, with the other one gaining the upper hand, until Shang-Chi realized that he must accept his demons instead of battling them, thus gaining the power of the Kobe site, which was Replication.[43][42]

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu[]

Shang-Chi was drawn back into the world of espionage when his former lover Leiko Wu was murdered by Razor-Fist while on assignment in London's Chinatown. Shang-Chi reluctantly joined forces with Skull Crusher to investigate Leiko's death. Both of them discovered that Leiko's death had been orchestrated by White Dragon. Shang-Chi and Skull Crusher broke into White Dragon's Estate, where they discovered the decapitated heads of several Triad leaders. Midnight Sun revealed himself to be behind the deaths and used black magic to restrain Shang-Chi and Skull Crusher. Midnight Sun explained that the heads of the Triads were required for a ritual to gain influence and control over the Triads, granting him power to rule China as his adoptive father Zheng Zu planned. Midnight Sun decapitated Skull-Crusher and White Dragon, who willingly offered his life, as the last steps of the ritual. Instead of giving him power, the ritual resurrected Leiko, who Skull Crusher named as the head of his clan before their deaths. Leiko used her newfound powers to drag Midnight Sun into the netherworld, free Shang-Chi from his restraints and maim Razor-Fist. When the Daughters of the Dragon, Sons of the Tiger, and Black Jack Tarr arrived to back up Shang-Chi, Leiko fled the estate.[44]

The Protectors[]

Shang-Chi joined the Asian American superheroes Hulk, Silk, Ms. Marvel, Jimmy Woo, and Jake Oh for a fundraiser in Flushing, Queens. While the group was spending the night out in Manhattan they were ambushed by Prince Regent Phalkan and his army. Shang-Chi and his allies briefly fought off the invaders before they and a large group of bystanders were teleported near Seknarf Seven, where Phalkan demanded that the group offer a few people as a sacrifice. Dubbing their group "The Protectors", Woo rallied the group and bystanders into working together to escape, while Shang-Chi led an attack with Silk and Ms. Marvel. The Protectors were eventually able to free themselves and defeat Phalkan and his forces with the help of the bystanders. Afterwards, the Alpha Flight Space Program arrived to rescue the Protectors and bystanders and arrest Phalkan.[45]

New Agents of Atlas[]

Shang-Chi and the Protectors were recruited by Jimmy Woo into the Agents of Atlas and headed to Seoul to defend it from Sindr and her forces of Muspelheim, joining forces with a few South Korean super heroes. When Sindr and her Fire Goblins proved to much for them, Shang-Chi, the New Agents of Atlas and their allies were forced to retreat, allowing Sindr to capture Seoul. Running out options, Brawn summoned more Asian-based super heroes to assist Atlas and formulated a new plan to defeat Sindr. Per Brawn's strategy, the team was split up, with Shang-Chi's group being sent to Atlas' ally Monkey King in Northern China where Shang-Chi began training the team for their last stand against Sindr. With Shang-Chi's training, the New Agents of Atlas were able to defeat Sindr and her forces, although Monkey King and M-41 Zu were killed in the battle. When Sindr used the Black Bifrost to flee, Shang-Chi and the others followed her to the Great Wall of China where they helped Captain Marvel defeat her.[46] Shang-Chi also assisted in routing the remaining Fire Goblins from Shanghai with Wolverine, Hawkeye, and the Warriors Three.[47]

After the War of the Realms, Shang-Chi encountered Sword Master in New York City searching for his missing father and took him under his wing.[48] Shang-Chi and Sword Master were reunited with the New Agents of Atlas when Flushing and other Asian communities in every major city were merged into the portal city of Pan by tech mogul Mike Nguyen. Despite their suspicions of Nguyen and his hired mercenary, Isaac Ikeda, the "Protector of Pan", the New Agents of Atlas agreed to protect the city after it was besieged by Wyverns and Sea Serpents.[49] Shang-Chi and Sword Master were confronted by Ares, who demanded Lin Lie's Sword of Fu Xi to confront the kidnapper of his son Ismenios, who Ares believed was another god. Coming to a truce, the three were able to track Ismenios to a temple in Madripoor, where they confronted his kidnapper, the Mother Goddess of Madripoor Davi Naka. Naka explained that she imprisoned Ismenios for his protection after the young drakon was caught stealing from Atlantis' treasure hoard during the absence of its sea serpent guardian. Despite Naka's attempt to placate the kingdom, King Namor was still outraged over the missing dragon.[50] It was later revealed that Atlantis' dragon had been captured by the Big Nguyen Company, who had been harvesting her scales to power Pan's portals. Upon this discovery, an enraged Namor launched an invasion of Pan to reclaim his stolen dragon.[51]

Shang-Chi and the other New Agents of Atlas were summoned by Brawn during his confrontation with Namor, who warned the group to return Atlantis' dragon in a day or else face the wrath of Atlantis before retreating. Shang-Chi and the other New Agents were subsequently introduced to the original Agents of Atlas by Woo. When Woo sent Namora, Venus, Aero, and Wave to Atlantis for a diplomatic mission, Brawn discretely ordered Shang-Chi and Sword Master to spy on Namora, due to her familial ties with Namor. The dragon was eventually released from captivity, but upon arriving home she unexpectedly went berserk and attacked the underwater kingdom. Witnessing the destruction caused by the dragon, Shang-Chi relayed to Amadeus that Atlantis' scientists discovered an implant embedded in the dragon's scales to be the source of her behavior and that Namor believed Amadeus to be behind the sabotage, prompting the king to resume his attack on Pan.[52] When Amadeus was forcibly transformed into the Hulk and put under Nguyen's control with Sirena tech in a last ditch effort to destroy Atlantis, Shang-Chi was able to remove the device from Amadeus, freeing him from Nguyen's control and reverting him back into Brawn. After the conflict, Shang-Chi admonished Woo for using the team as his pawns and subsequently left Atlas.[53]

Five Weapons Society[]

While working as a baker in San Francisco's Chinatown, Shang-Chi was approached by Leiko, who informed him that MI-6 had discovered his father's organization was active again. The two were attacked by assassins but were rescued by Shang-Chi's previously unknown half siblings, Brother Sabre and Sister Dagger. The two revealed that Shang-Chi had been chosen by Zheng Zu's spirit as the next Supreme Commander of the Five Weapons Society, the true name of their father's organization, and requested his help to depose its illegitimate leader, Sister Hammer, who sought Shang-Chi's death to maintain her control. Realizing that Sister Hammer was his long lost full sister, Shi-Hua, Shang-Chi instead decided to save her from their father's cult. Shang-Chi arrived at the House of the Deadly Staff in London to meet Shi-Hua, who surprisingly greeted him warmly. Shi-Hua recounted the history of the Society and its five Houses, including its many names and aliases, to Shang-Chi, who tried to convince her to leave the Society by revealing Zheng Zu's true nature. Shi-Hua refused, having been brainwashed by Zheng Zu's upbringing, and expressed outrage that he would choose his son, who killed him, over her.

Shang-Chi fell unconscious due to the poison Shi-Hua discreetly fed him and awakened in a lab, where he was attacked by a swarm of Jiangshi. Shang-Chi was grievously wounded by a jiangshi but was rescued by Brother Sabre and Sister Dagger, who took him to the House of the Deadly Dagger in France to recuperate. As Shang-Chi noticed his wound had begun turning him into a jiangshi, he was approached by the ghost of his uncle, Zheng Yi, who directed him to a map in the House's shrine room. Shang-Chi and his siblings followed the map to his uncle's tomb in Henan, whose spirit appeared in full view to his nephew. Shang-Chi requested Yi's guidance on stopping Shi-Hua and her jiangshi army and for a cure for his wounds. Instead, Yi told Shang-Chi to stop running away from his family as they would always be a part of his life, otherwise he would lose his way like his father and revealed the truth behind Zheng Zu's past. As Shi-Hua and her jiangshi army laid waste to London, Shang-Chi and his siblings arrived as reinforcements for Leiko and MI-6, providing them with Taoist amulets to purify the jiangshi. During the battle, Shang-Chi's wound further mutated him into a jiangshi, allowing Shi-Hua to exert control over him. When Shang-Chi began resisting, Shi-Hua placed a microchip on him to completely control him. Recalling his uncle's words, Shang-Chi stopped resisting and calmed himself. Upon doing so, the two found themselves transported to the Astral Plane where they witnessed Shi-Hua's memories of her harsh upbringing in the House of the Deadly Hammer in Russia. When a vision of Zheng Zu attacked them, Shang-Chi defeated and restrained him, showing Shi-Hua Zu's true nature to her. Finally realizing what their father truly was, Shi-Hua renounced him, causing her jiangshi to collapse and Shang-Chi's wounds to heal. However, Shi-Hua rebuffed Shang-Chi's attempt for reconciliation, blaming him for robbing her of her life's purpose. When Leiko attempted to shoot Shi-Hua, Shang-Chi caught the bullet, allowing Shi-Hua to flee. Shang-Chi was subsequently named the new Supreme Commander of the Five Weapons Society and vowed to use it to protect all humankind. After the ceremony, Shang-Chi was visited by Zheng Zu's spirit, who remarked that his throne suited him and that he was destined to become just like him.[54]

Shang-Chi met a version of himself, who did not rebel against his father, helping him in the Five Weapons Society.[55]

Equinox Blade[]

Leiko Wu convinced Shang-Chi to steal the Equinox Blade from the British Museum because the magical blade had drained the soul of a security guard but MI-6 couldn't get involved so a free agent was needed. Leiko guided him through the security via a camera attached to her lapel. Lady Deathstrike attempted to steal the sword as well and used it to take the souls of the security guards but Shang-Chi was able to stop her by punching her out the window. He then broke the sword which released all the souls of the security guards that had been stolen and returned them to their bodies.[56]

Enter the Phoenix[]

When the cosmic force known as the Phoenix Force returned to Earth, it staged a contest to determine its next host, and Shang-Chi was one of many individuals summoned to the White Hot Room for it. The Phoenix empowered the assembled champions and had them fight each other in trials by combat.[57] For his first round, Shang-Chi was pitted against Hyperion. Due to the Phoenix Force's influence overloading his senses to the point of insanity, Hyperion immediately forfeited the match, granting Shang-Chi an easy victory.[58]

Zheng Shang-Chi (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 8 42 001

Deadly Hands of the Phoenix

For his next match, Shang-Chi was pitted against Captain America. Believing Shang-Chi to be the best suited of all the candidates to becoming the Phoenix's next host, Captain America convinced a reluctant Shang-Chi to defeat him in their battle to help him control its power. During the fight, Shang-Chi was able to draw in and control more of the Phoenix's power. Just as he landed the final blow, Shang-Chi refused to use his powers to kill, which caused the Phoenix to intervene and eliminate him from the tournament, giving Captain America the win.[58]

Torn Between Friends and Family[]

While shutting down a rogue Society-operated drug ring with Sister Dagger in Manhattan, Shang-Chi took a rare break from his newfound duties as Supreme Commander to take Delilah Wang on a romantic dinner. However, Sister Dagger interrupted his date by delivering a captured drug dealer to the restaurant. While Shang-Chi and Sister Dagger argued, the dealer attempted to kill the two with his clawed hands but was defeated. Discovering that the dealer had a Spider-Tracer on him, the two were approached by Spider-Man, who was tracking the criminal while investigating a weapons ring. Believing the two groups were connected, Spider-Man offered to help Shang-Chi with his investigation. Shang-Chi reluctantly accepted but did not tell Spider-Man about the Society. The three discovered that the two rings were being led by King Wild Man, a loyal follower of Zheng Zu who manufactured and trafficked Yeren Root that transformed users into monstrous Yeren. Refusing to accept Shang-Chi as the new Supreme Commander, King Wild Man attached a root onto Spider-Man which transformed him into a Yeren. Shang-Chi and Sister Dagger were able to free Spider-Man from the root while King Wild Man escaped during the confusion. Feeling guilty for Spider-Man's injuries and Sister Dagger's accusations that he was ashamed of his family, Shang-Chi revealed his family's history and his new title to Spider-Man and summoned the Warriors of the Deadly Dagger to remove all traces of the Yeren root from King Wild Man's warehouse.[59]

Discovering that the Iron Eighty-Eight triad were auctioning off a Cosmic Cube, Shang-Chi and Brother Sabre traveled to Macau to prevent the Cube from being purchased by A.I.M., Hydra and the Hand. The two attended the auction while representing the Five Weapons Society, pretending to maintain the Society's' villainous nature to not arouse the suspicions of the other attending criminals and hostess Lady Iron Fan, Brother Sabre's former lover. When a representative of the Hand unexpectedly outbid the Society for the Cube, Shang-Chi used a hidden communicator cuff link to alert Captain America, who interrupted the auction. Shang-Chi and Captain America worked together to apprehend the criminals and secure the Cube, which Shang-Chi gave to Captain America. Unbeknownst to Shang-Chi, Brother Sabre, hurt that Shang-Chi did not inform him of his plans with Captain America and for ruining his relationship with Lady Iron Fan, used the Cube's power to trick Captain America into taking a duplicate of the Cube and to help Lady Iron Fan escape.[4]

When footage of his exiled half-sister Zheng Zhilan resurfaced on social media, Shang-Chi traveled with Brother Sabre and Sister Dagger to Ireland to bring her back to the Society. The reunion escalated into an all-out confrontation, which was interrupted by Wolverine, who revealed that Zhilan was a mutant and believed Shang-Chi had embraced his father's evil and was trying to kill her. During their fight, Shang saved Wolverine from falling into a ravine, which convinced him and Zhilan that his intentions were pure. Realizing that Shang-Chi had been implementing the same reforms that she sought for the Society, Zhilan rejoined her family as the new Sister Staff.[60]

Shang-Chi began seeing visions of his old childhood home and Shi-Hua ins his sleep, he consulted Master Ling, who used his magic to discover that he was receiving messages from the Negative Zone. Shang-Chi contacted Mister Fantastic for help, but was denied access due to the rumors of Shang-Chi's involvement with his father's organization. Shang-Chi and his siblings proceeded to break into the Baxter Building and stole a vehicle in the laboratory to travel to the Negative Zone. However, instead of finding Shi-Hua, they found Shang-Chi's and Shi-Hua's mother, Jiang Li, who had been trapped in the Negative Zone for years and had been sending psionic messages to her children. Shang-Chi and the others were able to successfully travel back to Earth but were attacked by the Fantastic Four for trespassing. Richards was angered over how dangerous Shang-Chi's actions were, but relented after seeing Jiang Li's deteriorated state, which allowed Shang-Chi and his family to escape back to the House of the Deadly Hand for Jiang Li to recuperate.[61]

The Red Dot Collective later approached Shang-Chi at the House of the Deadly Hand where Red Dot attempted to sell him a stolen Iron Man suit. Shang-Chi rejected the offer and threatened to send the group to the authorities, provoking Red Red and his men to attack him, but the Master of Kung Fu made quick work of them. While his siblings took them to the interrogation room, Shang-Chi went to check up on Jiang Li. The two were interrupted by Iron Man, who accused Shang-Chi of embracing his father's criminal empire and stealing his armor. Shang-Chi goaded Iron Man into chasing him to the House's arsenal, where Shang-Chi made use of several Adamantium plated weapons to counter Iron Man's weapons, eventually taking one of his gauntlets. Shang-Chi convinced Iron Man that he did not steal his suit and brought him to the interrogation room. Although Red Dot and his men escaped after activating the stolen suit to attack the Champions of the Five Weapons Society, the damaged suit was returned to Iron Man. In truth, Stark had hired the Red Dot Collective to test Shang-Chi's motives for the Society. Despite Shang-Chi's refusal to accept the stolen suit, Stark discovered through the Silver Centurion Armor that the Society was keeping the Cosmic Cube Brother Sabre had stolen from Captain America in Japan, which made him believe Shang-Chi lied to him.[62]

Zheng Shang-Chi (Earth-616) and Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Shang-Chi Vol 2 6 001

God of Thunder vs. God of Thunder and Blades

Shang-Chi and his siblings were confronted by Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Mister Fantastic at the House of the Deadly Sabre in Japan, and is accused by Captain America of stealing the cube. Shang-Chi denied any wrongdoing and ordered his siblings and the Warriors of the Deadly Sabre to drive off the trespassers. Iron Man quickly called in Thor who began destroying the House. Brother Sabre handed Shang-Chi the House's Ten-Fist Sword, granting him the powers and abilities of the Shinto god of blades and thunder Takemikazuchi which allowed him to go toe-to-toe with Thor. During the fight, Shang-Chi noticed the Sword felt familiar and realized that it was in fact the stolen Cube. When Shang-Chi demanded Brother Sabre to explain, Brother Sabre accused him of compromising the Society's autonomy and forced him to choose between his friends and his family. Shang-Chi refused, but for lying to him Shang-Chi had Takeshi stripped of his title of Champion and handed over as a prisoner to his former allies along with the Cube. While Spider-Man was convinced of Shang-Chi's innocence, the others were not, with Mister Fantastic and Iron Man believing Shang-Chi gave up his brother to cover himself. Sister Dagger lashed out at Shang-Chi and told him not to speak to her again but, Jiang Li reassured him that despite his actions, his family will always come back to him.[63]

Journey to Ta Lo[]

At the New House of the Deadly Hand, Shang-Chi ate a burrito dinner with Jiang Li, who revealed her past to him, including her history as a Qilin Rider from Ta-Lo and how she met and fell in love with his father. Before she was able to explain her disappearances, they were attacked by King Wild Man and his Yeren, Lady Iron Fan and her triads, Red Dot and his cyborg henchmen, and Zhilan, who revealed her betrayal was due to her belief that Shang-Chi cared more about his Western allies than his family when he handed Takeshi to the Avengers. While Shang-Chi and Jiang Li fought the assassins, Jiang Li used her psionic abilities to learn that the group was being led by her father, Chieftain Xin.[64]

After Zhilan revealed herself as a triple agent and helped Shang-Chi and the Society defeat the would-be assassins, Jiang Li continued to tell Shang-Chi of her past and her father's grudge towards Zu and his bloodline. During interrogation, King Wild Man created a diversion by turning Red Dot into a Yeren and took Jiang Li hostage, forcing Shang-Chi to release them. The group escaped to the House's rooftop and met with Xin, who was angered over their failure to assassinate Shang-Chi and for taking his daughter hostage, but allowed them to flee through a portal to Qilin Island, taking Jiang Li with them as well. Shang-Chi attempted to confront his grandfather, but Xin subdued him with a single punch and escaped through the portal.[65]

Shang-Chi offered his life in exchange for Jiang Li's, which Xin accepted. When Shang-Chi and his sisters arrived at the Mauna Kea summit in Hawai'i for the exchange, Xin arrived with the Qilin Riders and without Jiang Li and proceeded to attack them. When Shang-Chi was able to fight him off, Xin resorted to using some of Shang-Chi's blood to create three taotie before fleeing back to Ta Lo. Shang-Chi and his sisters defeated one taotie and saved Falo from the second one. While researching the taotie, Shang-Chi realized that Xin created them to hunt anyone in Zheng Zu's lineage and that Falo was a descendant of his father.[66]

Shang-Chi and his sisters immediately went to the Vault, where Takeshi was imprisoned, and saved him from the third taotie. As Takeshi was being led away by the Vault guardsmen, Shang-Chi received a vision of Shi-Hua getting attacked by Xin and felt the pain of her right hand being severed. Realizing that his siblings were not going to be safe from his grandfather, Shang-Chi broke Takeshi out of the Vault and traveled to British Columbia to rescue Shi-Hua after she had been left for dead by Xin. At the New House of the Deadly Hand, Shang-Chi informed Shi-Hua of their mother's survival and kidnapping by their grandfather as the Warriors of the Deadly Hand fitted her with a cybernetic hand. Master Ling surmised to Shang-Chi and the Champions of the Five Weapons Society that Xin was creating an army of taotie to destroy anyone bearing their father's DNA and will be even more powerful with the blood taken from Sister Hammer's severed hand. After they were warned of the temptations within the realm, Shang-Chi and his siblings made their way through a newly constructed portal to Ta Lo to rescue Jiang Li and to stop Xin.[67]

Shortly after arriving, Shang-Chi and his siblings were confronted by the Jade Emperor's guards for trespassing. Shang-Chi attempted to explain Xin's actions which fell upon deaf ears, resulting in a battle. The fight was broken up by the Emperor himself, who used his Ten Rings to restrain Shang-Chi and the others. While imprisoned within the Jade Palace dungeon, Shang-Chi was visited by the spirit of his father, who informed him of the Ten Rings' history and attempted to goad him into taking them to stop his grandfather, but Shang-Chi refused. Xin shortly arrived at the dungeon while under the influence of a Taotie Mask to destroy Zheng Zu's children once and for all. While Xin was preoccupied with Shang-Chi's siblings, Shang-Chi reluctantly allowed his father's spirit to guide him to the Emperor's vault containing the Rings, which he took to fight his grandfather.[68]

Empowered by the Rings, Shang-Chi initially gained the upper hand against Xin but began resisting their power when Zu attempted to influence his thoughts, allowing Xin to claim the Ten Rings, which he used to bury Shang-Chi and his siblings underneath the dungeon. However, four the Rings remained with Shang-Chi, which Shang-Chi used to protect them from rubble and to dig themselves out of the dungeon, only to be confronted by the Jade Emperor and his guards. Curious to how Shang-Chi could wield the Ten Rings without perishing, the Emperor demanded an explanation, with Shang-Chi revealing his relation to Jiang Li and that Xin had taken the remaining Rings. The Emperor tasked Shang-Chi and his siblings with apprehending Xin and recovering the Ten Rings before deciding their fate. Revealing that Xin was attacking the House of the Deadly Hand with the Qilin Riders and that Jiang Li was helping defend it with the Warriors of the Deadly Hand, the Emperor provided Shang-Chi and the others with Qilin to return to Earth. At the Society headquarters, Shang-Chi confronted his grandfather again, but lost the remaining Rings to Xin, who then ordered the Riders to destroy New York City. Zu's spirit told his son that his fear of the Rings' power turning him into Zu was holding him back and urged him to embrace his Zheng lineage to save his family and home. With no other option, Shang-Chi gave in to his dark desires, reclaiming all of the Ten Rings from Xin and unlocking their full potential, which also gave him the appearance and personality of Zheng Zu. Shang-Chi used the Ten Rings to easily defeat Xin and the Qilin Riders, destroying their masks in the process. Before a corrupted Shang-Chi could cut off Xin's hand for what he did to Sister Hammer, his family talked him down, freeing him from Zu's influence and sparing Xin. Shang-Chi ordered the Five Weapons Society to repair the damage done to the city and tend to wounded civilians, which revealed the Society's existence and his leadership to the public but improved his relationship with his super hero allies. Shang-Chi and Jiang Li traveled back to Ta Lo to have Xin face justice for his crimes and to return the Ten Rings to the Emperor, who spared Shang-Chi from punishment and appointed Jiang Li as the new Chieftain of the Qilin Riders. Although Jiang Li is forced to remain in Ta Lo, but both are happy to be at peace. Shang-Chi's siblings go their separate ways, with Brother Sabre returning to the Vault to finish his remaining sentence, Sister Staff and Sister Dagger returning to their respective Houses and Sister Hammer leaving during the night. One month later, Shang-Chi discovered that the Ten Rings had left Ta Lo and appeared to him at the House of the Deadly Hand.[69]


Before the Ten Rings returned to him, Shang-Chi reunited with Jimmy Woo int taking down illegal fighting rings organized by Crossfire, where unwilling participants, particularly non-white ones, were mentally coerced in fighting each other by Crossfire's brainwashing technology for the entertainment of racist brokers. Shang-Chi and Woo injected themselves with inert isotopes to neutralize Crossfire's ultrasound allowed themselves to get captured for his fighting arenas. Despite pretending to be under Crossfire's brainwashing, Shang-Chi and Woo aggressively vented their deep-seated resentment towards each other and nearly killed each other in their match. The two were able to drag their fight long enough for Brawn, Sister Dagger, Ms. Marvel, Giant-Man, Leiko and Luna Snow to apprehend Crossfire and his brokers. Afterwards, Shang-Chi and Woo reflect on their similar and different backgrounds and made amends with each other.[1]

Shang-Chi later discovered that the Eyes of the Dragon survived their destruction and were stolen from one of the Society's dens by Kamran. Shang-Chi, Sister Dagger, Sister Staff and Master Ling tracked Eyes down to Jersey City where they found Kamran talking with Ms. Marvel. Shang-Chi accused Kamran of planning on using the Eyes on Ms. Marvel to steal her life force to prolong that of Lineage, prompting Kamran into attacking. After Ms. Marvel helped apprehend Kamran and recover the Eyes, she vented to Shang-Chi about how naïve she was for believing Karaman's claims of reforming. Shang-Chi reassured her that looking for the good in people was a strength and not a weakness and consoled her.[1]

Game of Rings[]

Believing the Jade Emperor gave them to him, Shang-Chi attempted to return the Ten Rings to Ta Lo but was unable access the gateways from Earth and he promptly kept the Rings secured within a vault at the House of the Deadly Hand. While on a date with Delilah at a miniature golf course, Shang-Chi was attacked by Razor Fist, who he easily defeated. Master Ling informed him that the House of the Deadly Hand was under attack, forcing Shang-Chi to return and fight several Hydra agents attempting to gain access to the Ten Rings' vault. Lady Iron Fan then contacted Shang-Chi via video and revealed that she had hired Razor Fist to keep him preoccupied while several criminal organizations she had sold the vault's access code to would raid the House. Shang-Chi then fought off members of A.I.M., the Hand, the Inner Demons and the Red Dot Collective from taking the Rings. When Red Dot was killed when the Rings rejected him, at Master Ling's urging Shang-Chi donned the Ten Rings and used their power to force the raiders into retreating.[70]

Instead of taking Ling's suggestion of keeping them on his person, Shang-Chi relocated the Ten Rings to a more secure vault in the Appalachians. He was later visited by Leiko, who told him that Clive Reston had been captured by Carlton Velcro. Shang-Chi and Leiko traveled to Velcro's grotto in the Gulf of Lion to rescue Reston, who was tied up and gagged. While fighting Velcro, Shang-Chi noticed that Velcro's and Reston's heads moved together in sync and struck Reston's mouth gag, revealing a mind control device being used on Velcro, whose body was converted into a cyborg. Reston and Leiko confessed that the kidnapping was a ruse orchestrated by MI6 to keep Shang-Chi away from the Ten Rings, as they did not trust the Society with safeguarding the powerful weapons. When Black Jack Tarr radioed that he acquired the Rings from their vault, Leiko and Reston escaped on jetbacks and left Shang-Chi behind to fight Velcro's reanimated corpse.[71] Shang-Chi defeated Velcro and took one of his planes to London. At MI6 headquarters, Shang-Chi confronted Leiko over the Rings, just as a MI6's and Tink's tampering with the Ten Rings summoned the Wyrm of Desolation, who attached one of its spawn on Reston and possessed him. Shang-Chi reclaimed the Ten Rings to free Reston from the Wyrmspawn and send it back back through a portal. Shang-Chi admonished his former friends for betraying his trust and left with the Ten Rings.[72]

Shang-Chi began wearing the Ten Rings and showed them off to Delilah while on another date with her. They were interrupted by servants of the Most Revered Game Administrators, who announced he had been chosen to participate in the Game of Rings to prove he was worthy of wielding the Ten Rings. The servants sequestrated the Ten Rings from Shang-Chi and sent him through a portal to the Meritorious Striving Pagoda, where he encountered Darkstrider. The administrators, Jinzha and Muzha, appeared before them and explained the rules of the tournament to them, handing Shang-Chi back one of the Rings. Shang-Chi refused to participate as the Ten Rings belonged to him, but Jinzha asked why he was afraid of wielding them, prompting Shang-Chi to reluctantly abide by their rules. Shang-Chi and Darkstrider fought and Shang-Chi easily defeated him, winning Darkstrider's Ring in the process. Shang-Chi next encountered Zaran the Weapons Master. Despite Shang-Chi having an advantage in the number of Rings plus his prior experience with using them, Zaran used his Ring enhanced spear to cause Shang-Chi nearly to fall into a portal back to Earth. He was saved by Shen Kuei, who helped Shang-Chi in defeating Zaran. Although Shang-Chi was declared the winner, Shang-Chi gave Zaran's Ring to Shen Kuei out of gratitude. After four players were eliminated, Shang-Chi and Shen Kuei were allowed to advance to the Pagoda's White Floor. The two agreed to partner up until they were the last two players remaining in the tournament.[73]

Shang-Chi and Shen Kuei made their way to the White Floor, which resembled an icy landscape covered in snow. The two were attacked by Leiko, who had been possessed by a Spawn of the Desolation Wyrm but when Leiko began resisting the Wyrmspawn's influence the spawn forced her to flee. Shang-Chi and Shen Kuei made their way to Jinzha and Muzha's campfire, where the two brothers revealed the origins of the Ten Rings. The Wyrmspawn attacked the two again, but with Shang-Chi's help, Leiko was able to force the spawn out of her body, which Shang-Chi destroyed with his two Rings. Leiko apologized for MI-6's theft of the Ten Rings and kissed him good luck before withdrawing from the tournament, leaving him with her Ring. Despite Shang-Chi being named the victor, Shen Kuei betrayed him and stole Leiko's Ring just as the two are allowed to advance to the final level.[74]

Game of Rings from Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings Vol 1 6 0001

Shang-Chi wins the Game of Rings

As Shang-Chi and Shen Kuei fought on the Red Floor, a surviving piece of the Wyrm attempted to posses Shen Kuei but Shang-Chi was able to use his Rings to grab it while Shen Keui used his to cut it into more pieces. Despite possessing less Rings, Shang-Chi gained the upper hand and knocked Shen Kuei down. Shang-Chi offered Shen Kuei an honorable way out of the tournament, but Shen refused and consumed a piece of the Wyrm. Shen Kuei immediately regretted this and pleaded with Shang to free him as the Wyrm possessed him and transformed into a gargantuan monster. As the two throttled each other with their Rings, the Ten Rings telepathically told him that the only way to kill the Wyrm was by killing its host, which would make him worthy of wielding the Ten Rings. Before Shang-Chi could act, Red Cannon incapacitated Shen Kuei and incinerated the Wyrm with a flamethrower. Red Cannon revealed herself to be Shi-Hua and gave her five Rings to Shang-Chi. Shi-Hua explained that she realized Shang-Chi was afraid of wielding the Ten Rings due to him worrying that they would turn him into their father. Knowing that Shang-Chi would have to compromise his principles to maintain his newfound power, Shi-Hua revealed that she joined and took control of the Collective to use it to do what the Society would not and to protect her brother. Arguing that Shen Keui would continue to steal the Ten Rings, Shi-Hua prepared to kill him but was prevented so by Shang-Chi, who told her that he did not need that kind of help from her. Somewhat hurt by his words, Shi-Hua told him that he would need her help in the future and withdrew from the tournament. Shang-Chi pleaded with the Administrators to heal Shen Kuei. When asked why he would save his opponent over taking his Rings, Shang-Chi explained that he refused to compromise his principles. Impressed with Shang-Chi's answer, the brothers healed Shen Kuei before sending him home and declared Shang-Chi winner of the Game of Rings and the true Ring-Keeper. Shang-Chi was congratulated by Jiang Li and the Jade Emperor, who revealed that they had organized the Game of Rings to confirm Shang-Chi's worthiness when the other gods wanted to relieve Shang-Chi of the Rings when he struggled with their burden. The Jade Emperor explained that he sent the Ten Rings to Shang-Chi after a dark prophecy foretold of a coming threat to Earth that could only be thwarted by an Earthly Ring-Keeper, whom the Emperor believed to be Shang-Chi. As the Game of Rings proved that Shang-Chi could wield the Rings without compromising his principles, the Emperor was convinced that he made the right choice. Following the tournament, Shang-Chi came to terms with the weight the Ten Rings carried and used them when the Society later encountered King Wild Man in New York City.[75]

Fathers and Sons[]

Shang-Chi reunited with Sister Staff, Sister Dagger and Brother Sabre, who was released early from prison thanks to Delilah, for a mission to stop a gang of disgruntled Society members from resurrecting their father. The four arrived at the ritual site at a history museum in China, where the loyalist's leader revealed his plans to summon Zheng Zu at the height of his power from the past by using Falo as a sacrifice. Despite the Champions' efforts, the ringleader was able to open a portal, forcing Shang-Chi to jump through and close it but left him trapped in early 19th century China. Shang-Chi encountered younger versions of Zheng Zu and Zheng Yi and that era's Deadly Warriors and rescued them from Imperial authorities led by Constable Yuan. Shang-Chi accompanied the Society back to their hideout and was surprised by his father's amiable and heroic personality. When alerted to a disturbance in the city, Shang-Chi joins Zu and the two rescue Yuan and his men being attacked by British forces, which was revealed to be a trap set up by Yuan to arrest Zu. Zu was shot by Yuan, which enraged Shang-Chi and caused him to fall under the Ten Rings' influence. Before Shang-Chi could kill Yuan, Zu talked him down by warning him that killing Yuan would make Shang-Chi no different than him. As Shang-Chi nursed Zu's wounds at the Society hideout, Zu confessed that a part of him wanted Shang-Chi to kill Yuan but that Yi reminded him that it wasn't part of the Society's goals, revealing that the words he spoke to Shang-Chi earlier came from Yi. The portal back to the present opened up and Shang-Chi left Zu on friendly terms. Shang-Chi reunited with his siblings just as the traitors were defeated. Due to what he experienced in the past, Shang-Chi and his siblings buried their father's bones next to Yi's grave, gave him full funeral rites and honored the good man he once was and vowed to uphold his old legacy. Shang-Chi visited Delilah at her office in New York City to thank her for Takeshi's release and the two agreed to move forward with their relationship.[76]

Gang War[]

After Tombstone fell into a coma following Shotgun's attempt on his life at his daughter's wedding, the heads of New York's crime families held a meeting to discuss Tombstone's and the recently deceased Madame Masque's vacant territories. Shang-Chi attended the meeting on behalf of the Five Weapons Society, claiming he was looking for opportunities in the city.[77] In truth, Shang-Chi only involved himself with the other crime lords to find a way to keep Chinatown safe from the other gangs while consolidating his control over the Society.[78] Although Mister Negative immediately suspected him and objected to Shang-Chi's presence, none of the other crime lords took issue with him. Shang-Chi witnessed Janice Lincoln's failed attempt to claim her father's seat at the meeting and Hammerhead's proposal for her to off her fiancée Randy Robertson in exchange for Tombstone's territory. Although Lincoln rejected the offer, Hammerhead ordered his men to assassinate Robertson, due to him spearheading the effort to repeal the city's Anti-Vigilante Act, which threatened the criminal underworld.[77] Shang-Chi attempted to stop the hit but failed to do so; to his relief[79] Robertson survived but fell into a coma.[77]

When the attempted hit on Robertson and Hammerhead's usurpation by the resurfaced Madame Masque caused tensions between the rival superpowered gangs to facture into a city-wide war, Shang-Chi intervened in the turf war between Mister Negative and his Inner Demons and Lady Yulan and her vampire clan.[77] During the early stages of the war, Shang-Chi ordered his warriors to stand down, as Chinatown was unscathed from the gang violence, against the advice of Captain Feng who argued that Shang-Chi's inaction will make the rival gangs he is weak and attack his territory. Lady Yulan and her vampires fired a rocket launcher at the Society's headquarters, which provoked Shang-Chi and the Society into a confrontation with her. Yulan gloated that unbeknownst to Shang-Chi, she had her vampires infiltrate Chinatown while making him believe he still controlled the area and trapped him in an ambush, but Shang-Chi defeated her and her vampires with the Ten Rings. Shang-Chi publicly announced to the rival gangs that he will crush them if they tried to threaten Chinatown again just as Spider-Man arrived and overheard Shang-Chi's declaration. Shang-Chi accidently hit Spider-Man with the Ten Rings but protected him from Feng, as Spider-Man's intervention allowed Yulan to escape. Spider-Man confronted Shang-Chi for involving the Five Weapons Society with the other crime families despite Shang-Chi's promise to him about reforming the Society and expressed concern that Shang-Chi's threats to the other gangs will intensify the violence. Knowing that his men and Chinatown's citizens were listening to his response, Shang-Chi reassured Spider-Man that he only wanted to keep Chinatown safe and promised to keep the Society confined within its borders, which satisfied Spider-Man. A disappointed Feng claimed Shang-Chi could easily end the war by conquering the city with the Ten Rings, but Shang-Chi refused due to his principles. The next day, Shang-Chi and the Society distributed supplies throughout Chinatown, but were ambushed by Mister Negative and the Inner Demons, who shot Shang-Chi with a Darkforce cannon. Shang-Chi overcame the Darkforce and destroyed the cannon but collapsed from his injuries and left unable to wield the Rings. Shang-Chi was taken back to the House of the Deadly Hand to recuperate, but Feng used the opportunity stage a coup against a bedridden Shang-Chi and had his sorcerers seal the Ten Rings within a magic prison and trap Master Ling outside of the chamber. Feng claimed that Shang-Chi's actions have weakened the Society and Chinatown and attempted to kill him, but Shang-Chi quickly recovered and beat down Feng. Shang-Chi revealed he anticipated Feng's treachery and feigned his injuries to expose him. Feng and his loyalists fled, but the Rings remained trapped in their seal. Master Ling warned Shang-Chi that there wasn't enough time for him to break the charm before the rival gangs and other heroes will come for him, but Shang-Chi was undeterred and said fighting unarmed was more fun.[78]

When Delilah attempted to visit Shang-Chi after hearing the reports that he was on his deathbed, Shang-Chi met up with her. Delilah angrily confronted Shang-Chi for keeping her in the dark about the Gang War and for his attendance at the crime lord meeting where the hit was placed on Randy Robertson. Shang-Chi told her the truth about his involvement and apologized for not saving Robertson. When Shang-Chi attempted to reveal more of his secrets, Delilah refused to hear any more of it due to her being a lawyer and him running a former crime syndicate and got frustrated when Shang-Chi declared to not reveal any more secrets to her. As Delilah discussed their relationship, Shang-Chi noticed they were being watched by a shadowy figure and told Delilah to shoot him, as them being together would make her a target. Delilah obliged and shot him with her ray gun, telling him they were through and warned him to stay away from her before storming off. Unbeknownst to Shang-Chi, the shadowy figure was actually Spider-Man, who then reported his findings to Mayor Luke Cage, as both were suspicious of Shang-Chi's involvement in the war. Shang-Chi then sent written messages to Mr. Negative, Lady Yulan and Diamondback. In his message, Shang-Chi confirmed that he lost the Ten Rings and knew that each of them were planning to claim Chinatown for themselves now that he was unarmed. However, Shang-Chi warned that his soldiers were trained by his father and it would be too risky to defeat them while trying to defeat each other due to the destruction it would bring. Instead, Shang-Chi offered to have each of them send their best champion to fight him personally in a battleground of his choosing, promising to have the Society leave the city if any of them could defeat him. The crime lords instead chose to challenge him themselves instead of sending their best warriors and met with Shang-Chi at Central Park. Shang-Chi swiftly defeated them, but he and Master Ling discovered that the crime lords had each sent a decoy in their place and instead chose to have their forces fight each other rather than risk fighting Shang-Chi on his own terms. As it turned out, Shang-Chi had planned this from beginning: by pitting the Society's rivals against each other, they could destroy each other while leaving Chinatown unscathed and preventing the Society from suffering any casualties. Shang-Chi and Ling continued to analyze the Ten Rings, which remained trapped within the prison despite Ling's best efforts to free them. Shang-Chi noted that despite that, he could feel that Rings wanted to return to him. Ling noted that his worthiness to wield them, along with his prior strategy against the other crime lords, would make his father proud, which unsettled Shang-Chi.[79]

Shang-Chi and the Five Weapons Society ordered Chinatown's businesses to close early and erected magical barriers to protect the enclave from the escalating violence. Grandma Tsang criticized Shang-Chi's decisions and leadership while Delilah, confronted Shang-Chi for pitting the three crime groups against each other, due to it risking people's lives and sending the city's heroes and villains after him. Shang-Chi reluctantly said he has no other choice but believed that he could end the violence due to him being on a field of his choosing. Meanwhile, a group of heroes consisting of Mayor Luke Cage, Danny Rand, Spider-Man and She-Hulk along with their ally Tombstone confronted Shang-Chi at his personal tower at the House of the Deadly Hand over his actions and motives. Having anticipated their arrival, Shang-Chi is able to keep them preoccupied with several well-timed booby traps and defensive measures. Danny realized that Shang-Chi was pulling his punches and accused him of toying with them, to which Shang-Chi denied and revealed his true plans with them: realizing that the Inner Demons, Clan Yulan and Hydra will eventually team up after fighting each other to attack him while he was powerless, Shang-Chi provoked the heroes into confronting him and kept them stalled at the House of the Deadly Hand so that they would be present when the villains would inevitably invade; as predicted, members of the Inner Demons, Clan Yulan and Hydra attacked the House together, and Shang-Chi used the ensuing fight between the heroes and villains to escape. Shang-Chi encountered Captain Feng and his turncoat sorcerers at the Ten Rings' prison, having remembered Feng's earlier suggestion of using his father's strategy to take advantage of chaos. The sorcerers restrained Shang-Chi with their magic as Feng denounced him as unfit to rule the Society due to his refusal to be like his father. While gloating over Shang-Chi's apparent failures, Feng had his sorceress free the Rings and attempted to claim them for himself; the Rings instead returned to Shang-Chi, who revealed that he tricked Feng into releasing them, which he then used to defeat Feng, the sorcerers and the invading villains. A weakened Feng said that city and the world should be Shang-Chi's. In response Shang-Chi quizzes Feng on the qualities of failed leaders, responding that while his warned him that his personal honor was his biggest flaw, Zu was just as obsessed with honor which ultimately led to his death, arguing that that leadership is about helping others. Afterwards, Shang-Chi cleaned up the damage in Chinatown and distributed supplies with the Society and Delilah. Shang-Chi promised to her that he will help the other heroes end the Gang War and the two agree to work on their relationship after Shang-Chi left to join Spider-Man and the other heroes.[79]

Shang-Chi, along with Danny, were mysteriously absent when the heroes intervened in the final gang battle between Beetle's and Madame Masque's forces at Central Park, with Spider-Woman wondering where they were as the Ten Rings would have been useful.[80] As it turned out, the two were busy fighting a fleet of tanks and arrived to Central Park after the gangs were defeated.[81]


Shang-Chi was recruited by Bucky Barnes into his new Thunderbolts team to permanently eliminate the Red Skull and his enterprises. Using the codename Gamemaster, Shang-Chi and Barnes (using his new Revolution moniker) traveled to Hong Kong to intercept U.S. Agent and American Kaiju, who were tricked by the Skull's Nazi spies within the U.S. Army to destroy the his remaining secret base in Latveria to help cover his escape. Shang-Chi confronted U.S. Agent at a bar and told him the truth about his orders. U.S. Agent refused to believe him and attempted to fight him, but Shang-Chi effortlessly knocked him out. Unfortunately, when the Revolution confronted American Kaiju at a sandwich shop, Red Skull remotely controlled him into going on a destructive rampage throughout the city. Shang-Chi deployed the Five Weapons Society to protect citizens from the rampage and provided the Revolution with the Ring of Kaufu to help him grow into monstrous size to fight American Kaiju, whom he was able to subdue with the help of U.S. Agent, who now believed Shang-Chi and agreed to join the Thunderbolts.[5]

Shang-Chi traveled with the Thunderbolts to Latveria and used the Ten Rings to break open the entrance to Red Skull's bunker. The Thunderbolts fought Red Skull and his robots long enough for Doctor Doom to arrive and attack the Thunderbolts for trespassing; the team teleported into a pocket dimension at the last minute, resulting in the Skull being killed by Doom's energy blast instead. While inside the pocket dimension, Shang-Chi offered to bid on the space on behalf of the Five Weapon Society, to which the Contessa agreed to negotiate with him for. Back at Thunderbolts Mountain, Shang-Chi and the Thunderbolts discussed their next targets.[82]


Power Grid[92]
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Ten Rings Empowerment: The Ten Rings grant Shang-Chi a variety of powers, including superhuman strength, durability, stamina, and the ability to manipulate the Rings at will. Shang-Chi can fire the Ten Rings as projectiles, move them around as modes of transportation, can restrain his opponents with them and alter their size to either shrink or enlarge themselves.[69]

  • Superhuman Strength: While wearing the Ten Rings, Shang-Chi gains superhuman strength.[69]
  • Superhuman Durability: The Ten Rings can protect Shang-Chi from attacks than can seriously injure or kill a normal human.[69]
  • Superhuman Speed: Shang-Chi's speed is enhanced while wearing the Ten Rings, allowing him to move faster than a normal human.[69]
  • Superhuman Stamina: Shang-Chi's stamina improves while wearing the Ten Rings, being able to exert himself for long periods of time without tiring or showing signs of fatigue.[69]
  • Flight: Shang-Chi can fly and levitate while wearing the Ten Rings.[69]
  • Energy Manipulation: Shang-Chi can control and manipulate the aura emitted by the Ten Rings, which takes on an orange-red color. Shang-Chi can use the energy projected the Ten Rings in a variety of ways, including firing them as projectiles, moving them around as modes of transportation, restraining his opponents with them and altering their size to either shrink or enlarge themselves.
    • Energy Projection: Shang-Chi can use the energy projected the Ten Rings to shoot them as projectiles.[69]
    • Energy Blast: Shang-Chi can fire destructive blasts of energy from the Ten Rings.[70]
  • Transformation: When Shang-Chi embraced the power of the Ten Rings, he gained an appearance similar to Zheng Zu, manifesting his father's robe and glowing red eyes. Shang-Chi personality becomes similar to Zu's, making him more ruthless and bloodthirsty while using the Rings. However, Shang-Chi was able to overcome his father's influence without weakening the power of the Ten Rings[69] but still retains his glowing red eyes when using them.[70]
  • Portal Creation: Shang-Chi can create portals from within each of the Ten Rings.[72]

Psionic Abilities: Due to him being the son of the Qilin Rider Jiang Li, Shang-Chi inherited his mother's psionic abilities, allowing him to mentally communicate with his blood relatives. Shang-Chi's abilities allow him to sense and feel the pain of whomever he is mentally linked.[67] The ability also allows him to communicate with dead relatives, as Shang-Chi was able to speak and interact with the ghosts of his uncle[83] and father.[68]


Master Martial Artist: Shang Chi is one of the greatest martial artists on Earth, having been trained possibly since birth to become the ultimate warrior. Shang Chi is skilled in various martial arts with a particular specialization in the Chinese martial arts. He has been shown defeating multiple highly skilled opponents simultaneously as well as superhumans. Shang has stalemated Iron Fist in single combat, with the two martial artists portrayed as equals while Black Panther stated that Shang-Chi is better than Rand.[23]

  • Chi Manipulation: Shang-Chi has displayed the ability to manipulate his chi (qi) for various purposes.
    • Chi-Enhanced Strength: Shang-Chi can use his chi to strike with inhuman force enabling him to break through barriers such as brick, concrete, and iron.
    • Chi-Enhanced Durability: Shang-Chi can use his chi to withstand physical impacts almost to a superhuman degree and ease all forms of pain and discomfort.
    • Chi Detection: Shang-Chi is in tune with the chi emitted by all living beings, to the point where he was able to detect the psionically masked Jean Grey by sensing her energy.[87]
    • He is also able to warm up to his own body temperature.[74]

Skilled Gymnast: He has been shown to be very well versed in gymnastics.[citation needed]

Peak Physical Conditioning: Shang has intensively trained his body to possess the highest level of strength, speed, stamina, and endurance that a human can have without artificial enhancements. This notably includes the speed and stamina to endure even the most rigorous physical training exercises, reacting fast enough to dodge gunfire and even catch weapons hurled by enemies at him to throw right back at them.[citation needed]

Skilled Marksman: Shang is a master marksman able to throw ranged weapons such as shuriken (throwing stars) with pinpoint accuracy.[citation needed]

Weapons Proficiency: Shang is highly skilled with all martial arts weaponry such as the Chinese double edged sword (jian), butterfly swords, oxtail swords, staves, and both single and double nunchaku. He has often made use of makeshift weapons as well, using metal pipes and even a tree trunk.[citation needed]

Nervous System Control: Shang can control his nervous system enabling him to deaden his body to physical pain, resist the effects of drugs or poisons, limit the spread of toxins in his bloodstream, and even slow down his bleeding rate.[citation needed]

Pressure Point Locator: He can locate different pressure points on a person's body; incapacitate, paralyze, severely injure, or kill a person.[citation needed]

Espionage: While not focused upon as much in recent appearances, Shang has undergone training during his time with MI-6 and is familiar with many espionage tactics and methodologies.[citation needed]

Philosopher: Shang Chi has an extensive knowledge of Eastern philosophy.[citation needed]

Patient Fisher: Shang Chi is a highly skilled fisherman.[citation needed]

Multilingual: Shang-Chi is fluent in several languages including English, Cantonese, Mandarin and ancient Mandarin. Shang-Chi also has some knowledge of French.[citation needed]



Ceremonial uniform provided to him by the Five Weapons Society.[88]

Zheng Shang-Chi (Earth-616) from Shang-Chi Vol 1 3 001

Shang-Chi's ceremonial uniform


Ten Rings: Shang-Chi utilizes the Ten Rings, granting him a wide variety of powers and abilities.[68]

Occasional use of traditional nunchaku, swords, shuriken, kali sticks, and staves.[citation needed]


  • Although Shang-Chi was a uniquely Marvel Comics creation, many of his supporting cast members including Fu Manchu, Fah Lo Suee, and Sir Denis Nayland Smith were actually the creation of early 20th century novelist Sax Rohmer. Fu Manchu and Denis Nayland Smith made their literary debuts in the 1916 novel The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu.
  • In 1995, Marvel Comics almost outsourced the production of a line of four interconnected series to Milestone Media. Shang-Chi was going to star one of these books. The pitch of the story, written by Dwayne McDuffie, consisted of Shang-Chi traveling around the globe to dismantle his father's criminal empire and also adding firearms to his combat repertoire. The entire project fell apart since McDuffie had arranged it with Tom DeFalco and Mark Gruenwald. DeFalco would be soon replaced as Editor-in-Chief, and Gruenwald would pass away a year later.[90]
  • Shang-Chi identifies himself as a 'bodhisattva', a 'person who is on the path towards Buddhahood but has not yet attained it.'[15]

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