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One of the many daughters of the sorcerer and crimelord Zheng Zu, Zhilan was raised in the House of the Deadly Staff outside of London, England. When Zhilan sought to reform the Five Weapons Society, Zheng Zu ordered Brother Sabre to assassinate her for her insolence. Instead, Brother Sabre spared Zhilan and faked her death. Unbeknownst to the two half-siblings, the real reason why their father ordered Zhilan's death was due to her status as a mutant, a species that Zu believed had the potential to become a dangerous colonial threat.[1]

During her exile, Zhilan took up residence in Muckross Lake in Ireland, where she used her mutant abilities to assist the locals, earning the reputation as the "Witch of Muckross Lake". Her actions were eventually captured on social media, prompting the new Supreme Commander of the Society and her half-brother Shang-Chi to seek her out. Believing Shang-Chi, Brother Sabre, and Sister Dagger came to kill her, Zhilan attacked them; the fight was interrupted by Wolverine, who revealed Zhilan's existence as a mutant and attempted to bring her to Krakoa for her protection. After a prolonged struggle, Shang-Chi was able to clear up the misunderstanding with Wolverine and Zhilan. Realizing that Shang-Chi had implemented the same reforms that she sought for the Society, Zhilan politely turned down Wolverine's invitation to Krakoa and accepted Shang's offer to rejoin the Society as its new Sister Staff. Wolverine held off a mob of anti-mutant protestors while Zhilan escaped with her half-siblings to the House of the Deadly Hand in New York. While resting in her private quarters, Zhilan was visited by a mysterious figure who offered her a proposal.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Sound Solidification: Zhilan possesses the mutant ability to transform music into solidified energy. The sounds generated from Zhilan's flute transform into green colored tendrils that she can command at will, which are strong enough to restrain gargantuan monsters such as the Muckie.[1]


Highly trained assassin and martial artist.

Zhilan is fluent in English and Ancient Mandarin.



Sister Staff's Flute: Zhilan's primary choice of weapon is her elongated Chinese flute or dizi, which she uses to channel her mutant ability to transform music into energy. Owning up to her upbringing, Zhilan's flute doubles as a Chinese staff or gun, the signature weapon of the House of the Deadly Staff.

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