Pre-Cataclysmic Age

Zhered-Na was a sorceress from Atlantis. After refusing already twice to cease prophesying the coming Great Cataclysm that would cause Atlantis to sink into the sea, she was exiled to the mainland by Kamuu and Zartra.[1]

She was killed by a cultist manipulated by D'Spayre for revenge against her defeating his master, the Dweller in Darkness.[2]

Modern Age

She once assisted Daimon Hellstrom in defeating the demo-snake Kometes.[3]

Power Grid [4]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


  • Magic: Zhered-Na was one of the most powerful magic users of her era.[citation needed]
    • Precognition: She possessed vast precognitive abilities.[citation needed]
    • Astral Projection: She could access the astral plane as well as other dimensions.[citation needed]
    • Trans-Dimensional Teleportation: She has proven able to transport others across dimensional barriers.[citation needed]
    • Project Magical Bolts[citation needed]
    • Longevity Bestowal: She also magically extend the lifespan of a disciple by over 20,000 years.[citation needed]

She has sometimes invoked such entities as Valka and Agamotto in her spell casting.[citation needed]


She possessed a book which held all of her magical scrolls which has since been called the Tome of Zhered-Na. It is supposedly one of the most powerful books of magic ever created, though its power is presumably less than that of the Darkhold.[citation needed]

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