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Zhou Man She was a disciple of Zaran who took his master's mantle and became a mercenary himself. Zaran allied himself with Shadow-Hand who tried to take control of the Si-Fan after Fu Manchu disappearance. Even though he gloated about being superior to his master, he ended up defeated by Shang-Chi just like his master had been numerous times before.[2]

Marvel Knights

Zaran would return to battle a loose collection of superheroes involving Dagger, Black Widow, Daredevil and Shang-Chi. He was initially shown stealing a chemical agent from A.I.M. for Shang-Chi's father, a supervillain sometimes known as Fu Manchu. He was then ordered to kill Shang-Chi himself.[3]



  • Weapons Master: Zaran is a master of ancient and modern weapons including knives, bows, staves, maces, spears, nunchaku, shuriken, and guns.[citation needed]
  • Master Martial Artist[citation needed]
  • Expert Marksman[citation needed]



Zaran wears gauntlets and a collar piece studded with small sai.[citation needed]

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