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Zingara was one of the main naval and commercial powers of the Hyborian world, though second to its main rival Argos. As part of their rivalry, Zingara once organized a group of Freebooters. They were supposed to serve as licensed privateers and perform the patriotic duty of disrupting foreign trade. The attempt backfired as most Freebooters became regular pirates with only nominal affiliation to Zingara. Self-interest won over any patriotic feelings they may have had. Stygia was a secondary rival to Zingaran interests.[1]



In the early Hyborian Age, invading Picts merged with farm dwellers in the fertile Valley of Zingg: thus was born the kingdom called Zingara.[2]

Age of Conan

When it was visited by Conan, Zingara was a divided kingdom south of the Pictish Wilderness and west of Argos, where a civil war between the Easterners, aided by Argos, and the Westerners, supplied by Aquilonia, was being fought for the shipping rights off the Western Sea. As Conan, Delmurio and Tetra were approaching the city of Sadoria, they were attacked by a band of children of war. Marshall Barabbus suddenly appeared and scattered the children away, escorting the newcomers to Sadoria.[3]



The economy was not solely placed on naval trade. Zingara produced and exported sugar, wine, leather goods, and tin. Zingarans had their own style of swordsmanship and had produced renowned sword-fighters and teachers.[1]


The kings ruled from the capital, Kordava, but royal authority was actually limited. Wealthy and influential nobles often had their own agendas and the funds to hire private military forces. Rivalries among such ambitious nobles resulted in a long series of civil wars.[1]


Zingaran sailors invoked in whispers the name of Aqueon, an angry goddess of the abyss fearfully worshiped by the ancient Atlanteans.[4]

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