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The origins of this version of the Zodiac are unknown and led by an unidentified Libra. The Zodiacs used a transformer to steal the power from Manhattan and used erecting an indestructible invisible shield around the city. The shield would allow the Zodiac to chart their own destiny by blocking out the stars and to rule the world. Captain America tracked down a squadron of Zodiacs, but was overwhelmed and fled to Avengers Mansion. The Zodiac chased him there and he found no one around so was again chased to the apartment of Thor and Amora the Enchantress. [1]

The Zodiacs were defeated and Amora learned of the dimensional portal they were using to enter Manhattan.[2] They fled and were later confronted by Captain America, Thor and Iron Man at the transporter. A battle ensued and more Avengers were summoned to help.[3] The battle lead to the Zodiacs' base aboard the Intrepid and Libra appeared and another battle ensued. Giant-Man located and destroyed their transformer, knocking out their shield and Libra and the Zodiac fled.[4]

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