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Formerly Quicksilver


Defenders Vol 1 50 page 02 Zodiac (LMD) (Earth-616)

The LMD Zodiac's original look

When a Life-Model Decoy of Jake Fury became the criminal Scorpio, he tried to create his own version of the criminal group Zodiac. This one, however, was made up of LMDs like himself. Scorpio searched for Kyle Richmond so that he could ransom him to gain money, but this brought him into conflict with the superhero team the Defenders.[1] The Defenders found Scorpio's base and battled his Zodiac with the help of Moon Knight. By the end of the battle, nearly all of this Zodiac was destroyed, except for Gemini, who aided the Defenders, and Libra, who left before the fight ended.[2]

Under mysterious circumstances, another full contingent of android LMD Zodiac members were created, some of them resembling the earlier team while others did not. This team were recruited by the mutant Quicksilver in a scheme to discredit his former teammates the Avengers. The team split into three groups and battled the Avengers in different locations alongside Quicksilver, but were defeated by the heroes.[3]

Later Scorpio's Zodiac killed all the members of the original Zodiac Cartel, except for Libra (Gustav Brandt) and Taurus (Cornelius van Lunt); after the final battle with the West Coast Avengers, the Zodiac members were deactivated.[4]


  • This Zodiac all had personalities that conformed to the typical traits associated with the star signs they represented.[5]

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