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An orphan girl was recruited out of an orphanage by Chang, an agent of the firm Landau, Luckman, & Lake. Chang ensured she received an education, and even provided her with a new identity - Zoe Culloden, "named for an empress and a battle" - before getting her a job with the company.[1] Zoe excelled, becoming known internally as an employee who could swiftly fulfill the needs of the firm and their clients - an expediter.

As an adult, she investigated the death of Chang. She first suspected his friend and client, Logan, but after further investigation she relented, and settled into her role as the manager of his account with the firm.[1]

Later, Zoe worked another case. The firm's precognitives had predicted the ascension of a cosmic messiah they called "The Mithras" who was supposed to herald a galaxy-wide cultural rebirth, and the firm concluded that Deadpool was that cosmic messiah, so Zoe was then assigned to expedite this prophecy.[2]


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Accomplished strategist, athlete, hand-to-hand combatant, actress, and accent/dialect mimicker.

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