Zoe was one of the first students of Strange Academy and she had the demon Dessy as her roommate.[3] At some point before joining the school, Zoe had become a Zombie and therefore used a magical amulet to conceal her true appearance.[4][5] [3] On the first day of school, when the two roommates were getting to know each other in their room, Dessy revealed she knew her secret, but wouldn't tell anyone.[3]

Over the next few days, however, Zoe would often find Dessy staring at her, until one time in the library when she removed Zoe's necklace to reveal she was actually dead, "yet alive". After realizing her friend was not comfortable showing her real self, she returned the amulet and apologized, just in time for Zoe to hide her true appearance before anyone else noticed.[6]

Despite Dessy's weird behavior, Zoe still had a good relationship with her roommate and even told her parents she had a crush on her. On Family Day at the academy, Zoe's parents had a chance to meet Dessy and accidentally revealed their daughter's feelings in front of her, who surprisingly seemed to feel the same way.[2]



  • Magical Necklace: Her magic necklace prevents people from seeing what she really looks like.

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