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When the home planet of Zoloz was menaced by Galactus, the other magic aliens sent him to capture Silver Surfer who was defeated and brought to Zarax. After a magic interrogation, Surfer said only a word:"Earth", so Zaraxians gave their powers to Zoloz who was sent to Earth to find the Sorcerer Supreme believing he was humans savior from Galactus. Zoloz was angry and attacked Doctor Strange because the alien believed Strange didn't want to help his race; the magic power of all Zaraxians was enough to defeat the Sorcerer Supreme, so Zoloz stole the magic power of all mystic books and objects in Sanctum Sanctorum. Doing that, forced the astral projection of Strange to go with him to Zarax and observe Zoloz exiling Galactus in the mystic worlds.[1] Unfortunately, the presence of the Devourer in the mystic worlds disturbed science/magic equilibrium, so Zoloz was tried for his actions by the Grand Council of Mages;[2] the verdict was that Zoloz must help Strange against Galactus alongside many heroes summoned by the own Zoloz. All heroes perished fighting Galactus, including Zoloz.[3]



Zoloz is an alien sorcerer, he has a large knowledge of the mystic arts. His powers were increased when the other Zaraxians mages gave their magic to him to find Doctor Strange. When Zoloz found Strange, the alien absorb all magic from the mystic books and objects in Sanctum Sanctorum; powered over limits, Zoloz used all magic energy to exile Galactus in the mystic worlds.

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