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Virtually nothing is known about the Howling Commandos operative referred to as "Zombie". Already clinically deceased at the time of his recruitment, even the highest ranking members of the Commandos and S.H.I.E.L.D. are unsure of his history prior to joining the team, or even his true name, though he is sometimes referred to as "John" or "John Doe" by his teammates.[1]

Zombie was one of the Commandos dispatched to prevent technological death-cult the Lords of the Living Lightning from selling advanced computer hacking software to terrorists outside of Afghanistan. After infiltrating the base, Zombie was able to have the Lords' computer mainframe erased by threatening to eat the two technicians guarding it.[1] Zombie was later seen discussing the escape of Merlin from Area 13's containment warehouse with his teammates in the Area 13 cafeteria.[2]

When Merlin's forces invaded Area 13 via a magical portal, Zombie forcibly moved Bradley Beemer and his commanding officer Clay Quartermain to safety away from the battle, despite the latter's protests.[3] Zombie then joined his teammates in their all-out assault on Merlin's encampment in England, where they easily defeated the wizard's forces.[4]

Zombie's current whereabouts are unknown, though he does not appear to be active with the current incarnation of the Howling Commandos.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Zombie does not appear to possess any special powers or abilities outside of his zombified state. Due to the lack of information about his past life, or the events of his zombification, it is unknown what allows him to sustain his undead state, or whether he does, in fact, have any active or passive powers.


The lack of information about his zombification also makes it impossible to know if Zombie has any natural weaknesses, or if he suffers from any of the usual weaknesses associated with the undead.




  • Zombie is inconsistently depicted with[1][4] and without[3] hair on his head.


  • Zombie speaks with a stutter in every appearance.
  • Zombie is also incredibly shy and self-conscious and is often treated like a doormat by his teammates.

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