Quote1 Those other poor souls you put under your spell were all weak minded bums ... Now you have made a mistake. My will power is stronger than your warped mind and I refuse to submit! Quote2
-- Jack Castle src

According to Jack Castle, the so-called "Zombie Master" was shunned due to his massive size. Seeking seclusion he taught himself the mysteries of science and apparently mastered the art of life and death, and found a means to harness the elements of wind, fire, lightning, and water. He created gigantic birds as well as an army of obedient zombies.

When a search of missing people brought Dr. Jack Castle to his hideout, the Zombie Master attempted to use his devices to convert Castle into another one of his thralls. Castle resisted the hypnotic conditioning forcing the Zombie Master to increase the power until his machines overloaded. The resulting explosion bathed Castle with machine's electrical rays which endowed him with the super-human powers that he would use later as the costumed hero known as Fiery Mask. Castle defeated the Zombie Master and escaped with one of his captives, leaving the villain to die in his burning hideout.[1][2]

However, recent evidence that has surfaced suggests that Castle's recounting of this adventure may not entirely be factual.[3] Castle has since admitted that his publicly known origins are false,[4] however, this has not conclusively proven that the Zombie Master did not exist.


The Zombie Master was twenty feet tall, with strength to match his size.


A genius inventor and scientist, he designed a machine that emitted gamma radiation that could transform others into "zombies", their skin turning green in color (similar to other gamma mutates) and becoming mindless, blindly following the Zombie Master's orders. Without the Zombie Master to guide them, they would become almost comatose. Due to the transformed state, the zombies were exceptionally durable but could be killed by conventional means, as they were not genuinely undead. The Zombie Master also had access to a fortress laboratory, which was guarded by gigantic vultures bred and trained to kill any intruders.

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