Appearing in "Zombie Part 1: The Getaway"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Layla (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Private Hanifan
  • Angie


Other Characters:

  • Andrew Lawrence (Corpse)
  • Andrew Lawrence's Children (Mentioned)
  • New York Police Department
  • United States Armed Forces
  • HAZMAT Team
  • Department of Homeland Emergency Response (Mentioned)
  • God (Mentioned)
  • Henry (Corpse)




  • Police Cars
  • Getaway Car (Destroyed)
  • Van (Ruins)
  • Military Vehicles
  • Ambulance (Ruins)
  • Cars (Ruins)

Synopsis for "Zombie Part 1: The Getaway"

Simon Garth, a bank teller, and his co-worker Layla are hold-up in a bank robbery. He is forced by one of the robbers, Gyp, to filling him bags of money from the vault. However, Simon discreetly plants paint bombs in the money bags which would made the money useless if the bag is open. Both Gyp and his partner Shorty sees that the police are noticing the robbery and plans to have Layla as a hostage in their getaway. Garth, who has feelings for Layla, demands to take him and telling them about the paint bombs which he can only defuse as long he releases his co-worker. Gyp reluctantly brings Garth along as he, Shorty, and their hostages flee from the police in their car.

The four abruptly arrive in front of an armed roadblock. Thinking that the police had caught up to them, Gyp has Shorty floored the car through the blockade before realizing they are not being follow. Garth quips that he notice that the men at the roadblock were wearing bio-hazard suits. Shorty then turns on the radio which the announcer describes of a toxic spill - which is in the direction where the group is heading. They instead find zombies attacking and eating living people on the road. Their car hits a combination of zombies and living people before crashing into another car, causing it to flip over.

Garth awakens from the wrecked car and finds Layla already conscious. The two finds the living people who were hit by their car and finding one man urging for his daughter after being attacked by the zombies. Garth finds the man's daughter is dead and the father succumbs to his wounds. Gyp and Shorty are fully awaken and again hold up Garth and Layla. Shorty is suddenly grab by a soldier zombie, but he quickly dispose him. The four are shocked of what just happened. But Layla is then bitten in the throat by the reanimated father who is then shot by Gyp. Garth clung to Layla, who quickly dies from blood loss. As Garth silently mourns over Layla, Gyp orders him up as he still wants the money. The zombies converges towards them and forcing Gyp, Shorty, and Garth to run toward a rest stop, which is the robbers' destination.

Upon arriving near the rest stop they find a dead man whom Gyp and Shorty recognize him as Henry, their other accomplice, before heading inside the building. Shorty and Garth are hit in the head with a rifle's butt by a soldier who is accompanied by a waitress and demands Gyp and Shorty to drop their guns. The soldier, named Hanifan, is distrustful of the newcomers which Garth informs him and the waitress Angie about their bank heist. Hanifan and Garth has Gyp and Shorty lock in the restaurant's cooler in which Gyp swears to Garth that he will get even with him. Afterward, the three goes over their current situation in which Hanifan plans on escaping from the undead as fast as possible. But Garth points out to Hanifan that his plan is null as he and Hanifan peers out of a window to see a horde of zombies coming to the rest stop.

Solicit Synopsis

Cash stolen from the botched bank job: $125,000. Two loaded shotguns keeping the hostages quiet: $675.00. A 1/2 tank of gas in the getaway car: $27.50. Smashing through a police roadblock and fighting for your life against hundreds of flesh eating zombies: Priceless. Welcome to zombie action, MAX style. In this four-issue limited series by Mike Raicht and Kyle Hotz, the dead roam the earth, a small town in New York State is under siege, and human flesh is what's for dinner! And humanity's last hope is hiding out in a little rest-stop on Interstate 90. Barricade your doors and windows and get the guns loaded... Hell is on Earth, and it just might be up to a man named Simon Garth to stop it...

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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