Appearing in "Zombie Part 2: The Rest Stop Gang"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Hanifan
  • Angie
  • Dr. Collins
  • Bristol


Other Characters:

  • Devito


  • Unidentified Reality



Synopsis for "Zombie Part 2: The Rest Stop Gang"

Hanifan tells Simon Garth of what caused the zombie outbreak: he was part of an Army caravan delivering supplies to Fort Drum when his jeep broke down. He and another soldier named Devito witnessed a car accident and saw chemical barrels from an overturned Army truck were leaking airborne gas. Hanifan and Devito tried to find any survivors and found a Dr. Collins extracting blood from a deceased soldier. Devito is then attacked and bitten in the throat by their zombified C.O. as more soldiers began to reanimate as zombies. Hanifan along with Dr. Collins fled, forcing to leave Devito to be devoured, and fought their way to the rest stop where they found Angie.

After arriving at the rest stop, Dr. Collins has shut himself inside the manager's office and was able to call for help. Garth sees to Collins and questions him as to why he is disassociating himself from the rest of the survivors. Suddenly, the office's window is crash in by what appears to be a zombie. But the intruder reveals he is alive, identifying himself as Bristol, who was running away from the zombies. Unfortunately, the zombies have follow Bristol to the office. The survivors quickly hold off the zombies and retreat from the office and barricade the door. But the survivors realize the door can barely hold the zombies off. They then plan to take shelter in the lobby and drop the restaurant's metal gate to seal themselves from the zombies. Dr. Collins also points out that Hanifan is a liability and needs to be quarantine as he is clearly infected from inhaling the chemicals earlier from the car accident. Garth is reluctant to divide Hanifan from the group, but Hanifan accepts that Collins is right and his health is growing worse. Hanifan has himself isolated in an arcade room with a metal door for everyone's safety and gives his weapons and the key to the cooler to Garth.

Noticing he has the key, Angie convinces Garth to release Gyp and Shorty as she refuses to see the robbers being sealed off from the lobby. There is a brief tensity between Garth and Gyp before the zombies finally breaks through the door. Everyone narrowly escape into the lobby, but Gyp is bitten in the shoulder by a zombie. Shorty grabs a gun during the chaos, and realizing Gyp is infected and would eventually turn into a zombie, makes his decision to kill his partner. But he is shot dead by Angie, who reveals herself to be Gyp's girlfriend.

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