Appearing in "Zombie Part 3: Left For Dead"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Bristol
  • Dr. Collins


  • Layla
  • Gyp
  • Angie
  • Sergeant White
  • Locke

Other Characters:


  • Unidentified Reality



Synopsis for "Zombie Part 3: Left For Dead"

Garth and Bristol are guarded by Angie while Gyp searches for Dr. Collins, who has hidden himself in the women's bathroom. Dr. Collins is calling his superiors that he is needed to be rescue before being breaking off. Gyp then finds Collins and knows he has knowledge on the zombies and demands to know if he (Gyp) is infected. Collins explains to Gyp that he was a part of the Army Animal Research and Vivisection Division at Fort Drum and had been working with his colleagues on a serum that would help keep soldiers active after extensive trauma. Instead, they created the infection that turns people into zombies during the first field test. His division was later researching on the serum's transfer from biting to contagion when the program was terminated. Collins and the Army were transporting the load of the serum to be buried when the accident occurred and causing the outbreak. He hasn't any idea if Gyp is infected, but assure that help from the Army will be arriving soon. However, he also note that the Army is short on manpower as some of the zombies had broken out of the quarantine zone. This made Gyp to realize that there is limited help coming for the survivors.

Gyp returns with Collins to the survivors and devise an escape plan out of the quarantine. He decide that the only escape is taking the escape van that was belonged to Henry and acquiring the keys from his corpse by bluntly having Bristol to act as bait and a distraction for the zombies. But Garth objects and volunteers in Bristol's place as Bristol's overweight physique is a liability to be swarm down by the zombies. Gyp is adamantly reluctant to lose him over defusing the paint bombs in the money bags but relent. Garth is to sneak out back of the rest stop through the basement and climb onto an old water tower where he can gain the zombies' notice and distract them. Garth agrees to this plan but needs collateral in the form of some of the money bags to ensure that Gyp and Angie wouldn't leave the others behind.

As Garth sneaks back out of the rest stop, he is suddenly confronted by a zombie Layla. Garth stands hesitated in which he is bitten by her. He pushes Layla away and climbs the water tower as the zombies has gain their attentions on Garth. Gyp, Angie, Bristol, and Collins breaks out of the rest stop and fighting their way to the van. Bristol saves Collins from a zombie, but is then surrounded and devoured. Gyp and Angie seize the keys and drives the van while Collins flees from the chaos. Gyp and Angie drives to where Garth is and informing him that the others are gone. But Garth refuses to give his half of the money to the robbers and choose to stay on the tower. As the zombies swarms over the van, Angie panics and drives out of the zombie crowd with the money and abandoning Gyp on the water tower in the process. With nothing to gain and surrounded by zombies, Garth and Gyp fights each other to the death until a group of soldiers arrive and guns down the remaining zombies and demanding the men to surrender. The two climbs down the tower where they are held at gunpoint and the soldiers demand them to know of Dr. Collins' whereabouts or they will be kill.

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