Appearing in "Zombie Part 4: Dead Man Running"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Dr. Collins (Death)
  • Dr. Barnes


  • Zombies
  • Gyp
  • Angie (Death)
  • Sergeant White (Death)
  • Private Olsen (Death)
  • Private Locke (Death)

Other Characters:

  • Hanifan (Death)


  • Unidentified Reality



Synopsis for "Zombie Part 4: Dead Man Running"

Garth and Gyp are demanded to revealing Dr. Collins' whereabouts or be kill by the soldiers who have come to supposedly save them. Despite not knowing where Collins is, Garth lies to them. One of the soldiers, Private Olsen, tells his commander Sergeant White that they don't have time as the rest of the Army are entering the quarantine zone, which made Garth to realize that the soldiers are not the rescue team. Planning to take out the soldiers, Garth tells them that Collins is inside the rest stop and guides them with Gyp inside.

Garth directs the soldiers that Collins is hidden inside the arcade room in which Gyp, who understands Garth's intentions, states that the doctor was hiding for his own good. Sergeant White has Olsen to look for Collins and has himself and Private Locke to guard Garth and Gyp. It is then reveal that the soldiers are looking for the vial containing the serum to the infection that is Collins' possession and plans to sell it for the highest bidder. Garth trick the soldiers into being bought off from the money bags without their knowledge on the paint bombs. His plans work when the soldiers are caught off guard by the paint bombs and Garth wrestle Sergeant White, but he is quickly subdue. Just as Garth is about to be executed for his stunt, however, everyone hears Private Olson's screams. A now zombified Hanifan emerges out of the arcade with a piece of Olsen's arm. Locke tries to kill Hanifan, but he and Hanifan are killed in the struggle by White. Garth again wrestles White, but is shot in the stomach. Gyp grabs an assault rifle and knocks down White before killing him. The robber then focus on thinking a way to kill Garth for his troubles, but Garth has already pick up a pistol and enters into a standoff with Gyp. The criminal backs away from Garth and is pointed out by him that the money are useless with the paint bombs inside them. Gyp then decide to leave Garth after scolding him that they are at their losses in which Garth accept his fate.

Gyp later finds Dr. Collins at the soldiers' vehicles and demands in giving him the vial with the same intentions as the soldiers. He then notice how bad his infection has progress from looking on the mirror of a car. Dr. Collins tries to explain another way to counteract Gyp's infection, but Gyp learns that there is no cure for him and in response stabs the vial into one of Collins' eye. Gyp succumbs to his infection and begins to eat an agonizing Dr. Collins.

Miles away, Angie's van breaks down and is surrounded by zombies. She tries to remain quiet but she opens the money bag and causing the paint bomb to explode, alerting the zombies who then swarms the van and killing Angie.

Back at the rest stop, the Army had finally arrive and finding everyone inside dead. They then notice the arcade room is sealed off and opens it, finding a still alive but very weak Garth. Realizing that he is bit, the soldiers have Garth carry out on a stretcher. Garth then sees the undead corpse of Layla being burn on a bonfire with the other zombies. He is taken to a helicopter and is overseen by a Dr. Barnes, who tells Garth that the infection has been self-contained as the zombies seem to have expire themselves into dried out husks after 12 hours. Dr. Barnes then takes a sample of Garth's blood and contact his superior that Garth contains the infection that is needed to continue Dr. Collins' work, as the present outbreak has convinced the military to return to their research on the serum.

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