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Synopsis for "Child of Darkness"

Years ago Eric and Joan Masterson were married and lived a life of marital bliss, until that is they gave birth to their freakishly deformed son Teddy, and became a group of recluses living in deep in the wilderness of New Orleans, where Teddy has been locked up.

Years later, the Zombie is wandering these same woods, where he stumbles upon another voodoo ceremony, and recognizes Mambo Layla, the woman who tried to save his life the night that Simon Garth was transformed into the Zombie. Furious at these men, the Zombie attacks and kills them, getting lit on fire in the process. When the Zombie tries to turn his rage on Layla, she convinces him that she loved him and tried to help him, and commands the Zombie to put out its burning body in the nearby flames, the Zombie complies but is even more horribly scarred as a result.

Deciding to try and help Simon return to his normal state, he begins leading the Zombie through the swamps, and eventually happens upon a house. Knocking upon the door, she is greeted by the now deranged Eric Masterson, who grabs her and pulls her in, telling her that he will not allow her to leave until she meets his son Teddy. When Joan Masterson refuses to be party to what will probably end in Layla's death at the hands of the feral Teddy, she runs out of the house and into the Zombie.

Her screams bring Eric coming with an axe, and he tries to attack the Zombie with it, but finds his weapon ineffectual on him. Running to the back of the house, he lets Teddy loose, who attacks the Zombie. However, when it appears that Teddy will fare no better against the Zombie, Eric tries to convince his wife to seek shelter inside Teddy's holding pen. Joan refuses to go in the room, fearing that Layla is dead inside. However, when Eric goes inside, he finds Layla alive and well and tries to attack her, she is forced to defend herself, killing Eric with his own axe.

Exiting the shack, Layla tells all gathered that she had no choice, and the fighting stop. As Teddy and Joan mourn the loss of Eric, Layla leads the Zombie back out into the swamps hoping to find a way to cure him.

Appearing in "Plague of the Zombies"

  • A text article discussing real world characters or events, as such no conventional appearances

Synopsis for "Plague of the Zombies"

Review of the film Plague of the Zombies.

Appearing in "Sugar Hill"

  • A text article discussing real world characters or events, as such no conventional appearances

Synopsis for "Sugar Hill"

A preview of the then-upcoming zombie film Sugar Hill.

Appearing in "The Completat Voodoo Man"

  • A text article discussing real world characters or events, as such no conventional appearances

Synopsis for "The Completat Voodoo Man"

Chris Claremont discusses voodoo with a resident expert on the subject.

Appearing in "End of a Legend!"

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Synopsis for "End of a Legend!"

Story continued from Strange Tales #173... Brother Voodoo is a prisoner of the Cult of the Darklord and has been tied to a inverted cross over Loralee Tate who is their intended victim for sacrifice.

Voodoo sends out the soul of his brother Daniel to possess one of the cult members in order to free himself. Putting a barrier of flame between himself and the cult, Brother Voodoo picks up Loralee's unconscious body and takes her to safety before going back to fight the cult members. During the fight Brother Voodoo is knocked unconscious once more.

When he revives, he finds that he is now chained to the inverted cross and they are about to sacrifice Loralee once more. He also sees that the whole thing has been orchestrated by Mama Limbo. Realizing the worship of the Darklord is all false, Brother Voodoo breaks free. As he fights the members of the cult, Limbo reveals that the whole Cult is a ruse and that she influenced people into doing her bidding so that she can get the blood of four virgins to restore her youth.

Not wanting to be denied, Limbo tries to sacrifice Loralee herself, however the broken cross falls from the ceiling and crushes her to death. This causes everyone to snap out of their trances, including the Black Talon (Who is revealed as Desmond Drew, and the son of Mama Limbo.) Brother Voodoo traps all the men in the cellar and goes outside with Loralee where they wait for the police to arrive.

Appearing in "Voodoo Beat"

  • A text article discussing real world characters or events, as such no conventional appearances

Synopsis for "Voodoo Beat"

A write up on upcoming zombie and voodoo inspired entertainment.

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