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Quote1 But... it's too late. The end of the world... has already begun. Quote2
-- Jasper Scott

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Zombies (Main story and flashback)
  • Jasper Scott (Main story and flashback)
  • Ten Rings (Only appearance)[1] (Only in flashback)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for 1st story

Solicit Synopsis

Spoiler alert: No one is immune to the zombie virus — not even the Hulk! The Avengers face off against their strongest teammates while the race to find a cure continues. As the virus spreads across New York and among the Avengers, new information comes to light about Dr. Toshiko Amano, Jasper Scott and the interstellar origins of the zombie plague. Is it too late to stop it from spreading further? Printed in black-and-white in the original right-to-left reading orientation.

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