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Zora Vukovic was the daughter of two Symkarian spies who had infiltrated their neighboring country, Latveria. Not knowing her Symkarian origin, Zora grew up as a Latverian with genuine love for the country.[1] She eventually became the leader of a rebel force opposing Latveria's tyrant president for life. She infiltrated Castle Doom to confirm the rumors of Doctor Doom's return and to seek his help. Zora's words swayed Doom from exile, and inspired him to reclaim Latveria's throne.[2] In return for her actions, Doom bestowed Zora with a portion of the Power Cosmic so that she could become Latveria's new champion, a symbol of inspiration named Victorious.

Zora Vukovic (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 6 6 003

Zora's imbuement with the Power Cosmic served a secondary purpose, to draw Galactus to Latveria as part of Doom's plan to trap the World Devourer and turn him into a source of energy for the world. When Galactus made landfall, the Fantastic Four disregarded Doom's warning not to interfere, and Victorious confronted them until they started working together with her master.[3] Using his Big Bang Cannons, Doom altered Galactus' subatomic structure, and he phased into Mount Doom after Victorious delivered the final blow that subdued him.[4] With Galactus entrapped, Doom began to build an infrastructure to siphon power from him and usher a new age for humanity.

Victorious was present for a broadcast during which Doom intended to execute the Fantastic Four as a display of power,[5] but the four heroes managed to escape. Victorious followed them to Mount Doom, where she was captured after The Thing broke the control rod that stabilized her powers. Mister Fantastic connected Zora to the Big Bang Cannons and repurposed them to free Galactus, since his entrapment was causing energy surges that would eventually destroy the Earth, a factor that Doom hadn't accounted for. This process shifted Zora's energy signature, so she wouldn't lure Galactus again after he left the planet.[6]

When the powerful alien the Cormorant scoured the Earth in search for a mysterious item and began raiding stealth-shielded lockboxes, Doctor Doom tasked Victorious with helping him guard one in the Latverian Embassy in New York City. Despite the creature managing to steal it, Doom detonated it to prevent its contents from being stolen. Doom and Victorious then joined the Fantastic Four in attempting to stop the Cormorant from unearthing a lockbox beneath the Baxter Building, but failed. When the destruction of Container Zero resulted in the creation of the Forever Gate, a doorway to every point in space and time, Doctor Doom appointed Victorious as ambassador of Latveria to keep an the portal.[7]

During her stay in New York, Zora oversaw an exhibition of Latverian artifacts that was attacked by U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. Victorious joined forces with some of the Fantastic Four and their allies to defeat the attackers, but the destruction of American treasures she caused led to Zora being kicked out of the city. What began as an attempt by the Human Torch to console Victorious ended with the two sleeping together. The following day, Doctor Doom revealed that pressing matters in outer space required him to leave the planet, and he proposed to Zora as a political maneuver to leave Latveria with a queen.[8] Zora attempted to keep her fling with the Human Torch a secret, but her desire to be open with her master saw her admit the truth at the altar, with the Fantastic Four having been invited to the wedding.[9] Doom lashed out in response, and at one point even attempted to kill Zora. Despite this, Zora declined the Fantastic Four's offer to defect from Doom's side. Doom subsequently ordered Zora to never show her face to him again, to which she adopted into her uniform a faceplate modeled after her master's own mask.[10]



Power Cosmic: Zora was infused with the Power Cosmic by Doom and had access to all its capabilities.[3]

  • Flight: Victorious is capable of propelling herself through the air at extraordinary speeds that make her look like a blur to the naked eye.[3]
  • Superhuman Strength: Victorious has showcased incredible strength, being able to destroy one of Invisible Woman's force fields by ramming into it.[3]
  • Energy Manipulation: Zora can discharge energy and fire energy blasts from her hands.[3]




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