Zorak the leader of the Lizard Men of Tok, a planet which exists in the Microverse. His people sought to invade the realm of Sub-Atomica. They had an opportunity however of forging an alliance with Doctor Doom during a period in which he ruled Sub-Atomica. This plan was quashed thanks to the interference of Doom's enemies the Fantastic Four and their ally Ant-Man. [1] Years later Zorak sought to force Sub-Atomica's Queen Pearla to be his bride. Harboring a desire to invade Tok herself, Pearla instead challenged Zorak to a duel against her chosen champion the Fantastic Four's Thing. In reality this battle was to be a distraction while Pearla sent an invasion fleet to Tok and decimate it. This scheme was uncovered by the new Ant-Man who was sent into the Microverse to rescue the Thing. When Ben was informed of what was happened, they defeated Zorak, and destroyed Pearla's fleet. Zorak and Pearla were then forced to sign a truce. [2] Zorak's subsequent fate is unknown.

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