Zorka was one of Conan's Free Companions, who fled from the Kothians of King Strabonus through the Lake of Salts.[1]

When they set up camp in Dagoth Hill, he fought first against the pursuing Kothians and then against the awakened Devourer of Souls.[2] The Free Companions were then offered to provide fresh souls for the Devourer, but he was confronted by Conan and Isparana and eventually consumed by Acheron, his human aspect.[3]

In Zamora, Zorka set up camp in an oasis not far from Shadizar, where the Cimmerian was kidnapped by the assassins of the Night Cult and brought back to Shadizar.[4]

Believing the barbarian was bad luck, the Free Companions voted to name Milo as their new captain. When Conan returned, Zorka slain in cold blood Hundolph, an Ophirean who was trying to defend the Cimmerian. He later encountered Conan while roaming the Turanian steppes.[5]

After Milo was killed, he was eventually captured by the Cimmerian, but managed to escape and ride to Prince Yezdigerd's camp, where he told him about Conan's resistance army. With no respect for a traitor, the Turanian prince ordered Grimm to execute Zorka, who was immediately decapitated.[6]

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