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Zorr is a Luphomoid, a powerful race of ostensibly warriors/conquerors. It's unclear whether his degree of power is typical or whether he is a mutant or mutate of his species. Kraa, his younger brother, possesses comparable, if not stronger, abilities. Zorr's starship appeared in the Tranta System, shrugging off Xandar's Nova Corps and destroying the majority of their fleet, before syphoning energy from the planet Xandar to use against Galactus.[3]

The Nova Prime spacecraft, piloted by Centurion Nova-Prime Rhomann Dey, assaulted Zorr's ship as a last-ditch effort. Dey managed to drive off Zorr before he could syphon all the energy he required, while being unable to save Xandar, whose internal strains tore it apart. Dey pursued Zorr from one star system to the next, stopping him from carrying out his intentions on a constant basis.

Zorr finally slew the last of the resistance, Centurion Nova-Prime Rhomann Dey, but he was either unable to extract the energy he need from Xandar, or the energy he did obtain was insufficient.[3][4]

Zorr went on a rampage in New York City, where he bumped across Richard Rider, whom Dey had given his power, outfit, title, and responsibilities to. Richard, despite his inexperience, was able to distract Zorr long enough for Dey to utilize his Nova-Prime Starship to lock on to him, transport him aboard, and disintegrate him by channeling the ship's full strength into him. In the process of doing so, Dey expended the last of his vitality and died, leaving only the empty Zorr outfit on the floor of his ship.



Zorr wields enormous strength. He is at least 10-12 feet tall and has a strength and durability rating of Class 75-100, which means he could easily bring down an entire structure.



Zorr carries a large hand-held energy weapon that fires concussive force bursts.


Zorr's Ship - Zorr's spacecraft could shoot an energy beam that would drain all of a planet's geothermal energy, presumably intended by the Luphomoids to raid other worlds. It was also heavily armed and armored, allowing it to destroy most of Xandar's fleet and kill numerous members of the Nova Corps while appearing unharmed. The Nova Prime spaceship, which was a mile long, was dwarfed by it.

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