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"Zuagir nomads of the Eastern Desert",[2] "desert hawks" (Zuagir name),[2] "desert rats" (Zuagirs' foes name),[2] "Zuagir Host",[1] Desert Wolves,[1][3][4] Desert Zuagirs,[1] Zaugirs[5][4] (presumably typo)
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Formerly war-chief and de facto leaders: Conan, Fazal, Olgerd Vladislav, Hathaan;

Sub-chiefs: Fazal[6]

Chieftains: Hasra Khalli
Information-silk Former Members

Conan and Olgerd Vladislav's Zuagirs: Amin, Amul, Antar, Barlegh, Conan, Dirdar, Djebal, Farra, Fazal, Garn, Gomer, Hathaan, Olgerd Vladislav, Salim, Shallim, Vardanes, unnamed Bahreen Kel Akif guardsman

Hasra Khalli's Zuagirs: Ignar, Tamusa, Taghro, between a hundred and a hundred and a half men

Other tribes: Duali,[2] Kharoya,[2] Qirlata[2]
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The Duali tribe lived in near Fort Wakla in the Eastern Desert.[7]


History of team is unknown.

Code of the Desert

The Code of the Desert is a code of honor and rules of the Zuagirs:

  • A former Zuagir war-chief can demand the chance to regain his position by facing an opponent.[6] It is unclear if the opponent has to be the most powerful of them or their leader.
  • The code demands the death of five stakes for a man who betrays his comrades.[6]

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