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The Zuagirs, or Desert Wolves,[1] were the desert Shemites.[7]

The Duali tribe lived in near Fort Wakla in the Eastern Desert.[8][9]


History of team is unknown.



Yog, Demon Lord of the Empty Abodes, was considered most sacred by the Zuagirs,[10] and king of demons.[7]

The Zuagirs may have recognized Ishtar and Hanuman.[7]

Yar Allal of the Duali tribe praised the name of Kemosh.[9]

The Zuagirs didn't fear the Devil, but were in awe before the Decapitating God, and it was forbidden among the Zuagirs to enter her home, the Mountain at the Heart of Hell.[11]

Their mythology included "Sand-Demons".[9]

Code of the Desert

The Code of the Desert is a code of honor and rules of the Zuagirs:

  • A former Zuagir war-chief can demand the chance to regain his position by facing an opponent.[6] It is unclear if the opponent has to be the most powerful of them or their leader.
  • The code demands the death of five stakes for a man who betrays his comrades.[6]

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