Zuhn was a commander and scout for the Skrull Empire, charged with spying on Earth. When flying over the American Southwest in 1947, Zuhn's ship was spotted and fired upon, forcing him and his partner to crash-land. Zuhn had sustained serious injury, and his partner sealed him in a regenerative cocoon in hopes that Zuhn might revive. However, his partner, Velmax, was too late to prevent the Skrull ship, cocoon, and technology to be appropriated by the United States government. He used his shape-changing abilities to avoid capture and eventually became involved in the U.S. military.[1]

Eventually, Zuhn revived, escaping from his cocoon and his human captors by staging a fire that covered his trail. Zuhn sought to track down the stolen Skrull technology, which had by then become scattered to various facilities. He created (or appropriated) various identities in order to search for such technology. At one point he posed as a Russian criminal scientist, and with supervillain lackeys, tried to steal Skrull equipment from a U.S. facility, only to be opposed by Velmax and several costumed heroes (Zuhn was unaware of Velmax's true nature, and was inadvertently responsible in allowing him to develop the heroic identity of Effigy).[2]

Another identity of Zuhn was that of Mr. Winget, head of the Winget industrial company. He also created an alter ego for Winget, that of the shape-changing villain Chimera. As Chimera, Zuhn would used his powers to gain an advantage over his competitors.[1]

Later, Zuhn formed a partnership with the villainous Howler, to steal technology from his competitor Stark Industries. Instead, he was opposed by Effigy and his teammates, the First Line. In final battle with Effigy, Zuhn was killed, and in his dying moments the Skrulls learned the truth about each other's identities.[1]

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