Origin and Early Years

Zvilpogghua, the Feaster From the Stars, was one of the Great old ones of Lovecraft. It was cast into "The Abyss", the N-Zone, by the ancestors of Atlantis and their Old Gods, and remained there sleeping for millions of years.[1]

Modern Age

He manifested himself when the Fantastic Four traveled into the N-Zone. Johnny Storm, considered the most powerful host, was infected with Zvilpogghua, who initially appeared as a parasite growing in his stomach. After failing to remove the parasite, Reed Richards was forced to turn to Doctor Doom for assistance.[3] Using ancient magical texts recovered from Atlantis, Doom was able to remove Zvilpogghua from Johnny's body (although he intended to have it banished and not trapped in the physical world). Zvilpogghua then possessed Doom (while Reed Richards inhabited his body), and was carried into the Zombie Universe by Doom (who rejoined his mind and body and sacrificed himself.[2]

Modus Operandi

Zvilpogghua seeks the most powerful form it can find, then uses them to consume everything around it.[1]


Zvilpogghua was considered a planet-threatening entity,[1] and has demonstrated several powers, including:


It was considered completely unintelligent by Professor Xavier.[3]

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